My first quilt

Something happened since our move to Orleans… Something deep inside of me was saying that painting was not enough… Crafting was not enough… Even sewing was not enough! And that’s when it hit me: I HAD to make a quilt!!! Never really thought twice about quilts, but here it was, the burning desire to create one! Many many trips to Quilty Pleasures on St.Joseph Blvd. ensued, and here is the result.

This first quilt was for Alix, as she actually needed a comforter or blanket of some sort on her bed.  Plus my toddler LOVES to remove any art from the walls, thereby forcing me to leave all the walls bare.  Needless to say, my need for colour being what it is, Alix needed a big dose of joy in her room.  I think this quilt does it!

And here is it all laid out on Alix’s bed.  The primary fabric is called Meet the Gang by Marisa at Creative Thursday.  I first saw those whimsical little characters on Etsy and knew immediately that I had to make something for Alix with that fabric.  Initially, I was thinking it might be a pillow case but then the project turned big!  Not bad for a first quilt I think!


2 thoughts on “My first quilt

    1. Marisa, thank you so much for visiting my little blog. As you can tell, it is still shiny new… You are officially the first person to comment!!! I am so excited about that as I am completely in love with the little characters that you create. I just can’t wait to make more awesome little creations out of your fabrics!

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