Sustainability meets my old sweater

A little over three years ago, on a shopping adventure in Montreal with my boo Belinda, I came across the store Preloved.  This store is unlike anything I had seen so far in Ottawa and I was immediately smitten.   All items in the store are one of a kind, and made from reassembled vintage clothing and accessories.   I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was!  I returned home with a few choice pieces and a desire to learn how to sew.  I enrolled in a sewing class shortly thereafter… and then another… and another…

Flash forward three years and all my sewing has involved using new fabric.  Until last week.  Yes, I am happy to announce that I have FINALLY completed my first version of a pre-loved item. I probably should have taken a before picture, but in my excitement to cut and sew, I completely forgot.  No worries as this new little garment is simply a Gaëlle-size version of the original.  Alright, I’ll admit that this is not at all as creative as what you’ll find at Preloved (seriously, check out their site!), but I think it’s pretty good for a first attempt.

I made an accidental cut in the back of the sweater when cutting out the fabric… ooops.  In order to hide my scissor happy mistake, I simply added a strip of fabric.  Gives it a bit of designer flair I say!

It’s still a bit big for Gaëlle but give it a few months and it will fit her perfectly.  I’ve already identified a few more of my old sweaters that could possibly be snipped…  Chaughan might want to keep a close eye on his wardrobe too!


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