Maïan’s Culinary Wednesdays

My return to work a few weeks ago should have meant a return to the work-week-dinner-apocalyptic chaos. But this cookie gets smarter with age! (Well, sort of…). What I’ve learned along the way is, as organized as I am (haha… snorting loudly!), I need help once in a while. Enter 10 year old Maïan! This is my picky child. Each year, it gets harder and harder to find things that she’ll enjoy eating. So the plan? Get her to prepare the meal on Wednesdays! That way she gets to eat something she wants and likes, and I don’t have to worry about the meal that evening. Win win, right? I think so!

For now, there is only one rule: it has to be vegetarian. She impressed me right away by cracking open one of my vegetarian cookbooks and picking out a macaroni and cheese recipe. Now let me tell you, this was an intense recipe… No KD here! She made it twice for us in the weeks prior to my return to work.. It required maman’s help for sure.

But this past Wednesday, with me now at work, she came up with a beautiful, healthy and yummy meal all by herself!  She created these beautiful little carrot and cucumber sandwiches, some with and some without cream cheese.  There was a side of hummus and some raw veggies.  The items on one plate were even displayed in the shape of a small garden, with cucumber grass and carrot flowers.  She rounded off the meal by zapping some wild rice in the microwave (surprisingly good!).  But the pièce de résistance was an amazing strawberries and tofu (yes tofu!) smoothie that she whipped up in our Vitamix.  We drank that so quickly that I completely forgot to snap pictures.

Little sister Alix was a huge fan of Maïan’s improvised veggie meal.  Her excitement even included a temper tantrum when we informed her that we were all out of the strawberry tofu smoothie. That’s Alix for you! Can’t wait to see what she creates for us next Wednesday!  Feel free to share any tips you might have on how you survive the post work dinner craziness!


2 thoughts on “Maïan’s Culinary Wednesdays

  1. Hey Nat :0)When my foor girls were all home and smaller, and I had to balance the work week. I made a meal calendar. I rotated meals everymonth for everyday of the week. It kept things interesting, plus I knew exactly what to buy for groceries and pre-planned leftovers for the rest of the week. ( Thursdays were always left over nite..cleaned out the fridge for dinner for a smorgasborg dinner)I also did a lunch calendar, so the girls knew what to pack for lunches, and then I was assured it was balanced….you’ll see when they all hit school at the same time;)Looks like an amazing dinner 🙂

  2. Wow Lisa, I seriously applaud your amazing organization! That is some bang-on planning. Ok, you are inspiring me! I’ll work on that this weekend during nap time (the little girls’ nap time, not mine of course!) As for lunches, I am in complete luck as Maïan’s school has a lunch service EVERY DAY! Hell yes, you were right, it’s a great school! Oh, and thanks for following me! 🙂

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