Holy cow it’s cold!

Ottawa is facing a pretty brutal cold front this week. Which is a perfect opportunity for me to gab about a pre-Christmas creation on mine: a super sweet pair of warm mittens for Maïan! Compared to Alix, Maïan has not often been at the receiving end of my sewing room creations. And that’s not for a lack of trying on my part. My tween is just simply not that interested in handmade clothes. (Or is it just my handmade clothes???). But a little pair of colourful warm mittens? I figured if she didn’t like them, I could always use a pair myself.  Got to have a plan B!

I was originally planning on making her a pair of mitts that have that little flap that opens up to reveal the fingers. But try as I may, I couldn’t find a pattern for them, and it seemed like it might be a small logistical nightmare to go at it without a pattern. (If you know a good easy pattern, let me know!)  So I settled on a much simpler design, which exponentially increased my chances of success.

I found my pattern on Etsy (of course!) in a sweet little shop called RebeccaMae Designs.  The pattern is PDF so you get it practically right away, which works great for me because when I feel the need to sew coming on, I have to start sewing ASAP!  The pattern called for fabric from old sweaters (love the idea of upcycling), included a fleece lining (it gets cold here in Canada) and claimed to take under an hour (love me a quick project!).  Luckily for me, I had tons of unused fleece at home, and a quick trip to Value Village provided some cheap colourful sweaters begging to be creatively dismembered on my cutting table.

An hour in my sewing room and Maïan’s mitts were born.

I have to admit, even though I thought they were lovely, I was nervous that Maïan might not agree.  But it looks like they were a success!  Yes!!!  Of course, that means no mittens for me…


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