Kitchen transformation – The Before

A few out-of-town friends and family members recently asked me for some pictures of our newly renovated kitchen, as well as some info on how it all came together.  Sounds like a good reason for a blog post!  🙂

It was a no-brainer. When we purchased our new house this past summer, there was no doubt that the kitchen would be needing some serious TLC. It was dated, poorly laid out, and kind of gross. Let’s face it…. it was just begging to be rescued!

Let me point out a few beauties:

Mmmm…. Some initial esthetic considerations:  the 80s valence, the wall colour (scrubs anyone?), the plastic vine on the ceiling, the grungy floor tiles (well, they’re not actually dirty… they just look it).  And how do you fancy that little flowered pale green backsplash and those matching mint laminate counters?  Mmmmm… At some point in time, someone made the conscious decision to choose all of these design elements over any other!  Hey, I’m not judging! (maybe a bit…)
From this perspective, you can see that the kitchen is cut off from the dining room (through that bi-fold door on the right), and from the family room which is behind that wall on the left.  So although the house itself is quite large, we find ourselves with a teeny tiny kitchen completely closed off from the rest of the house.  Obviously, a wall has to go!

And here you can see my biggest peeve:  the kitchen island.  Not practical at all since anyone standing at the sink is in the way of the fridge door opening.  And forget about opening the dishwasher and fridge doors at the same time.  Let’s be frank, with 5 people in the house, that island is forever going to be littered with dishes in various stages of use:  dishes waiting to be served; dishes heading into the dish washer; dishes begging to be hand washed; dishes happily drying; dishes waiting to be put away; dishes teetering on the edge of the counter, awaiting disaster.  Phew, that’s a busy little island and that, ladies and gentlemen, is your focal point!  Not good.

So renovate we did!  Phase 1 involved making some tough decisions on how to spend our hard earned cash- contractor, cabinets, floor tiles, backsplash, appliances, lighting and more.  Phase 2 involved a complete gut followed by the construction of our brand new family friendly kitchen – Bye bye ugly cabinets, awkward little island, puke coloured floor tiles! And Phase 3 (which is ongoing) is all about decorating.
But to see that, you’ll have to tune in for the next installment of “Kitchen Transformation”- The Plan.  Coming soon!

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