A little birthday is coming up: Oh Deer!

Alix is turning 3 on Friday which means that she is about to become a “grande fille”.  In honour of this special occasion, I have a couple of little sewing projects up my sleeve.  First, sweet little bunting flags… I’ve been dying to make bunting for Alix’s bedroom for a while now.  With her birthday just around the corner, these little flags can serve double duty:  party decorations for the weekend, and bedroom decoration afterwards.

I simplified the project by using a stack of pre-cut fat quarters called Oh Deer! by Moda (see the connection between the name and the first photo above??? and you thought I was just being silly…).  I found these on sale recently at Quilty Pleasures and wasn’t sure what they would become.

I made each flag reversible so that I could have the option of hanging them from Alix’s bedroom ceiling. I spaced them 3 inches apart, which might have been a bit too wide.  Next bunting, I’ll probably go for a 1.5 spacing in between each little flag.

Can’t wait to surprise her with them on Friday morning!  Sewing project number 2 is still in complete shambles but I am determined to get it done.  Pictures coming soon!


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