Mama cat and her little kittens

As mentioned in my post about the bunting flags, I have been busy in my sewing room this week in an attempt to crank out a second little project in time for Alix’s birthday. And voilà! I got her done just in the nick of time, as today is her birthday! Please meet mama cat and her two skirt dwelling kittens…

The pattern comes from a little Etsy shop called Tumbling Blocks that I discovered while searching for a stuffed toy PDF pattern. I thought Alix would get a kick out of the little kittens and the fact that they can hide in their mama’s skirt.

I struggled with the faces, as you can probably tell.  Looks like mama cat was poked in her left eye and she wincing in pain, poor dear. Chaughan thinks she looks a bit angry.  But I don’t think Alix will notice much.

I still plan on making a big sister for those two little kittens.  As I have three girls, it just seems wrong to me that this mama cat would have only two little ones.  So a third is in the works… it will just have to be a delayed birthday gift.  Is it me or are those little turquoise eyes just a bit too close together?

You can sneak a peak of my sewing room in the background… it has been going through a remarkable make-over, thanks to my friend Lucie who has been putting some serious time painting (love that minty wall) and organizing (stacks and stacks of fabric, notions and other crafting paraphernalia).  It’s almost done and I’ll make sure to post some before and after pics soon…


2 thoughts on “Mama cat and her little kittens

    1. Dorie, I’d love to say that it was a strategic move on my part to opt for an X on Mama’s mouth, but the sad truth is that my embroidery skills are non-existant and going with the X gave me a fighting chance to not screw it up! 🙂

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