The best artwork in the world

I just finished a quick little DIY project to hang the best artwork in the world…my girls’ creations of course!  I love how the painted antique frame and its colourful works of art invite you further into the house and lets you know that organized chaos reigns here.
It all began about a month ago, when I stepped into my friend Lucie’s condo:  I screamed!  You know what I’m talking about… that precious moment when you find THE  EXACT THINGY YOU WERE LOOKING FOR!  EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!  There it was, leaning against the wall in all it’s splendour!  Let me explain…

For a while now, I have been trying to find the perfect way to display my girls’ artwork.  I have a few choice pieces already proudly hanging around the house in nice modern frames.  But what I needed was some way to display “rotating” artwork, as in the pieces that aren’t quite spectacular enough to be permanently framed, yet still deserve some degree of respect and admiration.  (By the way, I LOVE kid’s artwork!  It’s colourful, it’s raw, it’s free, and you can always get the artist to sign it. Hello!)  That’s when I saw this huge old frame at Lou’s place.  I couldn’t hide my excitement and Lou begrudgingly agreed to surrender the frame.  I quickly drove home before she changed her mind, rolled up my sleeves and got to work:

What you need:
paint / paint brush
baker’s twine (or other stringy type of material)
staple gun
picture hooks (if your frame does not already have some)

What to do:
1. Start by painting your frame.  I had leftover paint from my dining room wall that I thought would be perfect for this frame.  I am completely infatuated with blue lately and it was just obvious to me that this frame had to be blue. After all, everything goes well with blue.  By the way, the dining room blue is actually a bit more teal that what appears on the screen.

2. Gather your twine and staple gun.  Figure out how many rows of twine you can comfortably stretch across the back of the frame.  You need to make sure that they are not too close together so that you can hang some larger pieces of art.  I found that the best spacing for the size of my frame was to have 4 string lengths, spread out at about 8 to 15 inches interval.  That would allow for hanging smaller dainty pieces, as well as the gigantic figerpainting chef d’oeuvre that Alix brings back from daycare on a weekly basis.
3. Staple away.  One staple on each side in a chunky part of the frame should hold in place your twine.  To make sure that the twine does not slip through the staple once pictures are hung, I tied a small knot.
4. In my case, the picture frame had in the past been hung horizontally only.  As I was going for a vertical look, I had to add some picture frame hooks at the top.  My frame was fairly light so one of these guys did the trick.
There are a variety of hook types on the market.
5. Figure out where you want to hang the beast.  Remember that it is meant to display wild and colourful artwork so it might be smart to find a spot in the house that can handle all this cray-cray (in case you don’t live with a 10 year old, that would be Maïan-speak for crazy!).  Also, the age of your children might dictate whether you want them to be able to hang and remove their art all by themselves, or whether that should be strictly a task for mom and dad.  I had this bland wall that was begging for colour (which, by the way, used to be the entrance to my kitchen… yes, I know I haven’t posted my kitchen renovation pictures yet… bad girl, bad bad girl!!!)  It’s a wall that you see when you walk into the front door, and it leads directly to the family room/kitchen.
6. Hang on the wall.  Choose your art work, step back and admire!  Voilà!  I found these cute clothes pins hanging around my house.  I had originally planned to use plain wooden dollar store clothes pins, just to tone down the colours a bit, but what the hey – might as well just go cray-cray with the colours.
Have you found a really neat way to display your kid’s precious artwork?  I’d love to hear your comments!

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