A little quilt for Cédric

There’s something very special about making a quilt for a child.  It’s the knowledge that this blanket is meant to cuddle a sweet little one… to keep a little body warm on a cold winter night… to be dragged around lovingly by little hands… and of course, to put a smile on a child’s face at the sight of all the colours and prints.

La gang à Nat:  natandgang.blogspot.com

I suppose anyone who fabricates gifts feels a special bond with the objects they create.  With a quilt, it comes from spending hours planning the design, choosing the perfect fabrics, carefully cutting, arranging, sewing, ripping!, sewing again, quilting, binding…

But then it’s all worth it when you get to give it to that sweet little someone…

La gang à Nat:  natandgang.blogspot.com

This quilt was made with love for my cousin Josée’s sweet little boy Cédric, who is almost the same age as my Gaëlle… he turned 1 in January.  Since Cédric, Josée and hubby Luc live a good 5 hours away from us, and that all of our lives have been rather full in the last year, I hadn’t yet met this amazing little guy.

With a trip to my home town planned, I knew I was finally going to get my chance to meet Cédric.  I quickly got busy in the sewing room… Lucky for me, my friend Lucie came over to hang out and was quite keen to give me a hand cutting strips and assembling the quilt top.  With her help, it came together in the nick of time!

La gang à Nat:  natandgang.blogspot.com

Here’s the back:  Mainly white flannel, with strips and bricks of the same fabric as found on the front of the quilt

La gang à Nat:  natandgang.blogspot.com
La gang à Nat:  natandgang.blogspot.com

All packaged up and ready to meet Cédric!

La gang à Nat:  natandgang.blogspot.com

It was so nice to FINALLY meet you Cédric!!!  I hope you will enjoy this little quilt!


Size:  Aprox. 30″ by 40″
Pattern:  My own – strips
Fabric:  Birds-Birch Flight; Elephants-Birch Ellie Farm; Bicycles-Birch His Cruiser; Planes-Echino Nico Fall 2012 601B; Green- vintage fabric
Back: White flanel; bottom third has strips and bricks of front fabric 
Binding: Birch Mod Stripe (grass)
Quilting: Straight lines

*all fabric except vintage and flannel purchased from Fabrications in Ottawa

Jenny from the NY Melrose Family, who is due any day now, just put together a list of gifts any momma would adore… and guess what made it on the list?  Yep, Cédric’s little quilt!  Good luck Jenny and thank you so much for the shout out!

Baby and Mama Gifts 

Jessie from The Thriftiness Miss just wrote to let me know that she is featuring Cédric’s little quilt… thanks so much Jessie!!!!

Woohoo!  Chelsea at Married Filing Jointlypicked this little quilt as her fav project on Give me the Goods Features!  Awesome!!!

I Brought The Goods Monday



15 thoughts on “A little quilt for Cédric

  1. Hello there, saw you on Thursday link up. Am your newest follower via GFC! Hope you can return the follow back soon. Can’t wait!Visit my bloghttp://sunnydaysarelove.blogspot.comhuggiesChi

  2. I am not gifted at sewing, but this makes me want to try. Such a special gift! Thanks for sharing at Pin it Hop Monday. Pinning this one to attempt. 🙂

  3. I love this little quilt! You’re right, there’s something very special about making a quilt for a little one 🙂 Featuring this tonight at Weekend Wonders. Hope you can stop by! Following on gfc now too. Have a lovely evening!

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