Etsy Love: Coco and Bear – Vintage Finds for the Home

I have completely fallen in love with an Etsy shop.  Ok, it happens a lot, I admit.  I certainly do love my Etsy shops.

But this time it’s for real, yo!  Coco and Bear is a Canadian shop that features unique vintage finds for the home.  As a brand new collector of vintage items, I am over the moon!

I stumbled upon Kim’s shop accidentally… I had seen somewhere a picture of little turquoise blue melamine cups that she was selling in her shop.  They reminded me of camping trips when I was young and I just had to have them.  Unfortunately, by the time I made my way to her shop, they were sold.

But what I discovered instead was just amazing:  Incredible vintage finds, really fair prices, spectacular photography of all of her items (complete eye candy!) and bonus for me…. she’s Canadian so no hefty delivery and customs fees!  Woohoo!!!

So I put in my order, and this is what arrived beautifully packaged a few days later:

A sweet little dolls outfit.  I see this inspiring tons of little dresses for my girls.

A new Pyrex bowl, to add to my little collection (I’m at piece #3!)

A Fisher Price helicopter, just like I had when I was little.  Yes, I also collect vintage Fisher Price toys, *swoon*!

And you might remember that I started a collection of vintage cameras.  Well, add two more to the collection!

And finally, I just had to get this old school rotary dial telephone.

It weighs a ton!!! I had completely forgotten how heavy these phones were.  And I just had to giggle when Maïan asked me how it worked…

Kim was just lovely and managed to pack all this in a way that was extremely economical to ship.  Plus she even noticed when I made a mistake in my order (the girl is on the ball!).

I am just realizing that she has a blog called Coco & Bear, just like her Etsy shop.  Go check it out!

Thanks Kim for the excellent service and the beautiful and unique items!  I will be back real soon for more!!!  (Shhhttt… don’t tell Chaughan!)



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