Welcome!!! Let me introduce myself…

Well HELLO!    If you’re arriving here from Made In a Day,
I you are a regular reader,
I’m Natalie and I am so thrilled that Kim is featuring my blog this week on her site.
 Thank you so much Kim!
Made in a Day
A bit about me:  I am a full time professional, working for the Government of Canada.  It’s a hectic and at times stressful job so to relax, I come home and sew and paint and redecorate rooms.  Oh, I forgot to mention that I have three girls:  Maïan is 11, Alix is 3, and Gaëlle is 14 months.  My husband Chaughan and I handle the chaos with plenty of humour and margaritas! Hey, whatever works, right?


I started this blog in January 2013 as a way to document the little sewing and painting projects that I take on.  I didn’t go “public” with it until February, and by public I mean putting it up on Facebook for friends to see.   It’s only when I started linking up to blog hops and link parties in late March that I saw some incline in readership.  It’s still a tiny little blog as I struggle to find time to work on projects and blog about them.  But I love it here and I hope you do too!
Here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll find on my blog-
Sewing Projects



Painted Items
Vintage Finds

Vegetarian Recipes

I’d be completely thrilled if you followed me in some way.  Just click on the social media buttons under my picture on the left hand side, or you can subscribe to receive updates by e-mail (see on the left under the social media buttons!).   If you’d like me to follow back, just leave me a comment below with your blog address and I will hop over and give you some love too!

By the way, I love to hear frOm you and I respond to ALL comments!!!

Awesome to meet you!


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