Sewing a Pair of Bloomers: A Bachelorette Gift

Colette Pattern Bloomers

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to my good friend Anik’s bachelorette party.  The maid of honour was searching for fun games to play throughout the day and one of the girls came up with a really cool idea:  each one of us would gift Anik with a pair of new underwear (I know, sounds weird but stay with me…) with a short not attached that would give Anik clues as to which one of us was presenting her with that particular pair of underwear.

When Anik and I first met about 12 years ago now, we were both single and spent quick a bit of time chatting at length about our latest dating adventures or recent heartbreaks.  So in memory of those long conversations about love, dating and romance, I wanted to get Anik underwear of a more romantic nature.  A little something Victorian perhaps?

I also knew immediately that I wanted to sew a pair of underwear… but how?  Off to Pinterest I went (of course!!!).

Within minutes, I found the cutest pair of bloomers that came with a …. wait for it…. FREE PATTERN!!!  Eureka!!!

Colette Pattern Bloomers

This pattern is the Madeleine Mini-Bloomers by Colette Patterns.  Adorable, no?  I whipped up these bloomers in one evening… simple and fast !

I used this sweet vintage fabric found at a fabric fair a couple of months ago and some remnants of ivory ribbon from my stash.

Colette Pattern Bloomers

I think that these bloomers have the perfect romantic flair that I was aiming for!

Colette Pattern Bloomers

In terms of wrapping up the bloomers, I decided to make a little fabric gift bag.  I created my own pattern based on a small Lululemon bag that I had from a recent purchase.  I’ll come back soon with a tutorial on how to make this simple little bag.

The game and the bloomers were a success, as was the entire bachelorette party!



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