Sewing Club: Project One – A Burda Blouse

Sewing is more than often a solitary endeavour.  And that’s perhaps a really really good thing, with all those pins and needles and sharp scissors and scorching irons.  Yes, distractions can lead to complete chaos in the sewing room!

But at the same time, it is so much fun to share your passion for sewing with some like minded friends.  And lucky for me, two of my very best friends share that desire to create and are actually willing to drive the distance (my suburban home) to come and sew with me!

Three gals sewing together = A SEWING CLUB!  WOOHOO!!!

Our sewing club has been meeting on and off for a couple of years now.  We’ve always worked on our individual projects while chatting (mainly Belinda) and sipping wine (mainly me) and sewing (mainly Natasha).

We decided this time around to pick one project that we could all do together, at the same pace.  Our chosen project is the Burda Style Leopard Blouse.


Sewing adult size garments is a bit of a new concept for me.  Sure I’ve done a few pieces in the past
while taking a couple of beginners classes but never on my own.  I tend to stick to children’s clothing and quilts… faster and simpler!

But this blouse looked like fun and allowed us to give it our own style:  Natasha is more 50s vintage, Belinda is more 70s graphics, and I am well, a bit all over the place.

Sewing Club:

Belinda and Natasha hard at work in my basement sewing room.

Sewing Club:
After our first session working on this blouse, here are a few thoughts:
  • it’s described as a novice pattern but it is not;  it is definitely more intermediate.  Lucky for Belinda and I, Natasha is an advanced seamstress so we are relying heavily on her to explain the complicated instructions.
  • when cutting the pattern out, be mindful that there are actually two garment possibilities (Burda 108 and 109).  Nothing in the instructions tells you this and we spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out why there were pattern pieces for a button placket and a pocket.  Lots of head scratching here.
  • when you’re all sharing one sewing machine, best to all sew using the same thread.  Belinda and Natasha were in white, while I kept switching it to blue.  My bad!

By 10 pm, Natasha had sewn the front seam, the front and back sections, the side and shoulder seams, the collar to the neck, and finished the tie bands.  She was just missing the sleeves*.  Belinda and I had managed to stitch the centre front seam.  That’s it.  Ugh.

As you can see, Natasha could of worn it home, while Belinda was less than impressed with her progress.  I was just pooped by the effort.

Sewing Club:

We’ll be meeting again in two weeks but in the meantime, homework has been assigned:  Belinda and I have to make it all the way to the collar.   We made Natasha leave her blouse at my place so that she doesn’t get any further ahead!

Do you like this blouse pattern?  Why don’t you sew along with us!  We could make it a virtual sewing club.  I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have (or get the answers from Natasha for you!) and I would love to post all finished blouses on my blog!

* She probably would have finished the entire blouse had we not asked her a zillion questions.



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