End of Summer Dress: A Second Japanese Sewing Pattern

I’m in love with this little Japanese pattern book.  Oh the possibilities!

This is the second pattern that I follow in the book (first dress here) and it was a total breeze.  No complaints at all.  This is pattern “P”.

The fabric and the little buttons are from Fabricland, a popular chain here in Canada.

On the back, I added a bright red button.  I love the fact that the button is HUGE, making it so much faster to button up and saving me from fiddling with a series of tiny little buttons.  It should be noted that Alix can only stay still for about 1.5 seconds, so getting it on quickly is sooo important!

What’s that purple stain your ask?  Yeah, I’ve learned my lesson with that one.  Always always take pictures of the finished product BEFORE letting your child wear it at daycare.  Alix insisted on wearing it right away and I just couldn’t say no.  A lot of time and effort go into these mama-made clothes and I’ll admit that my girls aren’t always completely enthusiastic with the final result.   I have made certain items that my girls refused to even try out for me.  Sigh.  So when Alix jumps up and down with excitement and insists on wearing it ASAP, mama says YES!!!

I have no clue what the purple mark is but it is not coming out, even with stain remover… marker? grape juice? paint?  Complete mystery.

And here’s Alix, happy happy in her little summer dress!

Stay tuned for more dresses from this pattern book.  Perhaps I’ll go for something a bit more appropriate for fall this time.

Have a great week!


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