A Dress for Sandrine

My niece Sandrine just turned 1!  In honour of her big day, I hit the sewing room and pulled out two of my favourite patterns from Heidi and Finn:  The Perfect Little Party Dress and The Bubble Dress.

I had sewn both of them about two years ago when I was a brand new sewer.  I had found the patterns easy to follow and the results were lovely.  As I couldn’t decide which one to sew, I went the easy route:  I combined both!  Ha, sense my sarcasm?

The pattern is entirely the bubble dress, except for the insertion of the belt and sash.  I ran into some difficulty when I tried to flip over the dress once the main and lining were sewn together:  somehow, my shoulder channels were super slim and the additional bulk of the belt fabric didn’t help.  But I persevered and it came out with just a bit of ripping around the belt area. Totally fix-able!


Please ignore the little bit of pulling at the base of the slit.  Clearly something was a bit off. Nothing a hot iron can’t fix, right?


I’m actually quite proud of the bow I managed to make for the pictures.  So let me show it off a bit!


And here is Sandrine… isn’t that the cutest face ever?  Bonne fête ma chérie!


Karla from Huckleberry Love featured Sandrine’s little dress!! 
Heather and Megan from Quilt Story featured this little dress!

Fresh Poppy Design


2 thoughts on “A Dress for Sandrine

  1. Dude! Are you kidding me??? That’s freakin’ adorable!!Sure it’s cute ’cause it’s a tiny girl dress (and those are always awesome) but I love the pattern and the fabrics. Simply sweet!

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