Oh boy… now I’ve done it…

Fall is here, and with it comes the realization that my girls wardrobes are seriously lacking warmer clothes.

So off to the store I go, right?  ‘Cause that would be the sane and sensible thing to do when all three kids need new clothes and I am away at work from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM and then rush home to make dinner, help with homework, bath the little kids, tuck them in, tidy up the house (notice I did not say clean the house) and squeeze in a conversation or two with Chaughan .  Yes, hitting the mall on the weekend would be really really smart and efficient.

OR…. I could make all their clothes myself!  Yes, somewhere in the hours of 9:30PM and 10:00PM, I could sew like mad and populate their closets!!!  How supermom of me!!!  That doesn’t sounds too ambitious, does it?  No chance that plan will fail, hahaha!

So in honour of this brilliant goal, I have purchased jersey, loads and loads of jersey!

This pretty bunch comes from Loiseau Fabrics in Calgary -let’s hear it for no custom charges!!!

And these two from Sanderson Textile Trading Co. from somewhere in the States.

I plan on making leggings, tops, dresses and much much more.  If anyone has good patterns to suggest for knit fabrics, I am all ears!  I am struggling to find some that would also give me tips as to how to properly sew knit jersey – as I am sensing difficult times ahead in the sewing room!  Perhaps a glass (or two) of wine will help!



2 thoughts on “Oh boy… now I’ve done it…

  1. Aaah, how I recognise the crazy timetable of working motherhood. All my sewing is done between 9pm and 10pm.. often later.. and I always have ambitions way beyond the time available. I lie awake sometimes scheming about how I can squeeze in a borrowed half hour of sewing somewhere! I reckon yours is a crazy plan, but it might just work! Somehow we make these things happen!

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