Debbie’s Birthday Dress X 3

My Interweb friend Tasha recently gave birth to a sweet baby boy (an amazing VBAC nonetheless – go Tasha!!!))  and while she spends some serious cuddle time with the little guy, she asked me to guest post on her blog called I Seam Stressed.  (If you’re interested in birth stories, go check out today’s post… and while you’re there, send her a bit of comment love as dear Tasha has been through a lot and needs all the virtual hugs she can get…  )

So in case you missed my guest post last week, have no fear as I am there for you and I am proud to reproduce my entire guest post for your reading/viewing pleasure.


Guest Post – Nat and Gang
www.natandgang.comWell hello there fellow sewing enthusiasts!  I am Natalie from La gang à Nat and I am completely over the moon to be guest posting on Tasha’s blog.   I am also a bit nervous (yikes!)…  Not only is this the very first time that I guest post on another blog, but I see that I am also in extremely talented company (gulp!).  No stress at all, right?

In case we haven’t met before, here’s a little bit about me:  I am a French Canadian mom of three girls:  Maïan (11 years old), Alix (3 years old) and Gaëlle (17 months).  If that didn’t keep me busy enough, I also work full time as a lawyer and manage to squeeze in sewing time in bursts of 15 or 20 minutes here and there in the evenings.  Tasha’s blog name suits me perfectly, as I am in a stressed out frenzy most of the time in my sewing room, trying to finish a project before someone screams “maman!!!!”…  I’ve only been sewing for a little over three years but I have become quite passionate about my new craft and have added quilting to my repertoire just a short year ago.

When Tasha wrote to ask me to guest post while she spends some serious cuddle time with her new little guy, a zillion post ideas came to mind…  A quilt? A painting project? A recipe?  A maxi skirt tutorial?  And then it hit me…  I’d been seeing a gorgeous little dress make it’s way around the blogosphere.  Tasha herself had given it the I Seam Stressed twist just a few short weeks ago… I had to give it a try too!

Of course, I am talking about Sewpony’s Debbie’s Birthday Dress!!!  The first time I saw this dress, it brought back a flood of childhood memories.  You see, the dress is based on a Belgium book character called Martine (or “Debbie” in Australia).  Here in French Canada, the Martine book series was extremely popular when I was a child.  Needless to say, I was dying to recreate Martine’s vintage dress while giving it my own modern twist.

As usual, I agonized with my choice of fabric.  For me, picking out the perfect fabric is ALWAYS the longest and most painful part of the sewing process.  After all, the fabric choice will make it or break it!

And then it hit me!  No stress girl…. just make three dresses!!!   And so I did…

Dress #1:  European Chic

Recognize the fabric anyone?  Yep, that’s an Ikea duvet cover!  We weren’t using it anymore, what with all the quilts I have been churning out lately, haha!  So boom, it’s a dress!  I have this thing about repurposing fabric… I get all giddy when an old shirt becomes a sweet little toddler dress!  Or a bed sheet finds its way into a multitude of projects!

I went with View 2 of the Debbie pattern, but modified the pattern slightly by cutting the front on the fold instead of in two pieces.  I also added a 2 inch black band at the bottom as a hem.  Simple and sweet!

This dress is for Gaëlle who modelled it on the path close to our house.

Dress #2:  Vintage Martine

Of course, it was imperative to make a vintage dress that Martine herself would have flipped for.  I think she would have loved this one, no?

I used View 1 but inserted a 2.5 inches wide white band in between the bodice and the skirt.  I also modified the pockets in order to round them off and show the lining (idea completely stolen from Heidi at Elegance and Elephants!).   I am so in love with those white buttons at the front… so retro!!!

The pink fabric was something mom gave me when she was cleaning out her fabric stash… and the white fabric used for the belt and collar is actually an old bed sheet that was just a bit too stiff and uncomfortable to sleep with… perfect for my sewing projects then!

This “très Martine” dress is for my niece Annabelle who just celebrated her third birthday.  I was so excited to have her model the dress for me.  Tu es adorable ma chère Nanou!

Dress # 3:  Minimalist Patchwork

I’ll admit to having a small quilting addiction.  It started about a year ago and I just can’t seem to stop.  And now, apparently, the need to quilt has gone beyond blankets and entered my children’s wardrobe.  Yikes, this could be a slippery slope!   Fortunately, I managed to keep this patchwork fairly minimalist and I have to admit I am in love the result.

Again, this is View 1 with a 2.5 inches of patchwork band inserted between the bodice and the skirt.  In the side seams, I inserted two 60 inches long double sided belt strands.  They’re super long but I love the effect!  I found the grey fabric at Value Village for $3.  The patchwork pieces are all from my gigantic mountain of quilting scraps.

This dress is for Alix!

Et voila!  That’ my take (X3) on the Debbie Birthday Dress!  I hope you like them!

Thank you so much dear Tasha for having me here today.  And congratulations on your precious little bundle!!!



11 thoughts on “Debbie’s Birthday Dress X 3

    1. Dani, that is the sweetest thing but you know how blogs go… we only show the side we want people to see. Trust me, there’s a whole bunch of chaos in my little world, hahahaha!!! Thankfully, there’s a ton of humour to go with that so that we can get by…NatalieXXX

  1. Two things I love, besides the three great-looking results: That you repurposed fabrics, and that you showed three variations — it’s amazing how different something can look just by using different colours and patterns. Love it.

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