A dolman sleeve top… for me!


So I stumbled on a jewel of a little sewing blog lately.  I always get excited meeting someone who introduces me to new patterns, or colour combos or just all around inspiration.  Laura from Behind the Hedgerow has done all that! Do you know her blog already?  If you don’t, check it out here… she doesn’t disappoint (and in case you’re wondering, she has not paid me to say any of this, hahaha… in fact, no one pays me to do anything on this little blog… pure love and passion here baby!).

Laura recently blogged about her participation in Selfish Sewing Week.  I had never heard of this and by then, the week was over… But it hit a cord with me as I had promised to sew more for myself this year.  So far, aside from a couple of maxi skirts, I had failed at that plan. Bad girl.

Laura blogged about this new pattern that she had tried, from a Finnish company called Named.  She had me at Finnish.  I am just a HUGE and CRAZY fan of anything stemming from the Nordic countries: furniture, design, fashion, fabric…. just love it!


And this particular pattern, the Blair Batwing Shirt, did not disappoint.  Super quick and easy to sew. Just how I love it!  The pattern comes in two sizes and I opted to sew the larger of the two but found it a bit big once I had it sewn so I just used my new-to-me serger (oh yeah!) and took in the side seams and arms.  That allowed the shirt to follow a bit more of my body shape, while still being big and slouchy.


You might recognize the fabric I used…. it comes from loiseau Fabric in Calgary.  It’s a bamboo cotton blend jersey knit and it is insanely soft… no, like seriously soft and worthy of 6 exclamation marks!!!!!!


I have to admit, I had bought the fabric in order to sew something for Maïan but when I saw Laura’s version of the batwing shirt, I knew I needed to use this fabric for me! Sorry Maïan ma belle… I am sure there will something else for you really soon!


The pattern called for some Framilon band to be sewn into the shoulder seams to prevent any stretching.  I had never heard of such a thing.  Thankfully, my friend Sandra popped over that night and helped me with this puzzle:  she simply had me insert a strip of ribbon (which has no stretch at all) into the seam (meaning that I put both layers of the knit into the serger WITH the ribbon too and sewed all three layers together).  Worked like a charm (thank you thank you Sandra!).

I had to wait a week or so for someone to take pictures of me wearing my new top.  Full props to Maïan who took all of these pictures… well, until Alix decided to crash the party!


BONUS:  I just realized that the theme of Project Sewn this week is graphic prints…. so I’m linking up!

Happy thanksgiving to all my Canadian peeps and have a great week everyone!



8 thoughts on “A dolman sleeve top… for me!

    1. Hi Kelli,Thanks so much! I’m curious… have you tried any Named patterns before. I’m eager to give it a go at another one and am trying to choose which one… NatalieXX

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