Kids Clothes Week : The Plan

So this week is a big one in the international sewing community of bloggers (hummmm.. the ISCB anyone?  Maybe not… I’ll keep working on it… )  From Monday to Sunday, it’s officially Kids Clothes Week.  I’ve never participated before and I’m quite excited about it!

kid's clothes week

The plan is to sew for at least an hour, every day for one week.  It’s all about cheering each other on, getting stuff done, making clothes for our little ones.  Then we get to brag about it on our respective blogs and post our projects on the KCW site  Well, at least I think that’s what it’s all about… someone correct me if I got it wrong please.

I thought it might be a good idea to make a plan, so as to keep myself on track and focussed. I’ve been known to obsess so much about a fabric or pattern choice that zero sewing gets done.

Of course, as luck would have it, I have been obsessing about this plan so much that after close to two weeks of thinking about it, well, I am still not sure what I am going to do.  Aye aye aye.

So for now, I thought I would write down what’s going through my head and the rest will be mushroom gravy (I am vegetarian you know…).


Alix will be 4 in February.  She’s tall and above average weight-wise (although she’s been slimming down lately).  I tend to sew a full size or two larger for her.  Right now, a 5 fits her well, with room to grow.  She’s quite the character… tons of energy, mischievous, headstrong.  Although she’s rather tomboyish and will always be the first to jump in the puddle and climb the tree, she’s actually been opting for dresses lately.  And at 3 and 3/4 years old, she is damn picky about what she wears.  I’ve taken to seek her opinion on fabric before I start cutting since otherwise, she’ll probably refuse to even try it on for me.

What I might make for Alix:

  • Alix wants to be Batman for Halloween.  I’m cool with that (actually really loving it!  You go girl!).  I’ve purchased black leggings, a frilly skirt, a plain black t-shirt and a plastic Batman mask.  I am therefore missing a black cape and a Batman logo for the t-shirt.  Shouldn’t be too hard at all (famous last words).
  • A pair of knit leggings using this free pattern by Ellie Inspired
  • A dress.  I have no clue which one.  I’ve narrowed it down to about 7 different patterns. Heidi and Finn patterns are always high on my list for Alix.  I’m especially in love with this new one.

Gaëlle is now 18 months old.  She just started daycare three weeks ago.  She’s a little sweetie who loves music and dancing.  She’s also a tremendous amount of work lately, as she tends to run away, throw things and cry a lot.  Like Alix, she is quite tall for her age but is slimmer than her older sister. A size two fits her perfectly.  Luckily for me, she couldn’t care less what clothes I put on her (probably prefers to run around naked actually) so I can pick whatever fabric/pattern I like.  Love it!

What I might make for Gaëlle:

Maian turned 11 this summer.  One instant she is snuggled up next to me on the couch, the next she is rolling her eyes and slamming doors.  It’s hard to sew for Maïan for two reasons:  first, I find that there are very few modern patterns out there for tweens.  And second, she turns down any offers to sew clothes for her.  “Momma-made” is not so cool right now… But I did manage to get her interested in a few items!
What I might make for Maïan:
  • a high-waisted skirt from a free tutorial from Nothing Too Fancy
  • an top made from an old cashmere sweater of mine.  This one will be self drafted.  Yikes.
  • perhaps a cardigan too? Like the Greenpoint Cardigan?  It goes up to size 12… sweet!
I have a secondary purpose for making this particular outfit for Maïan.  You might notice in my sidebar that I’m participating in Secret Squirrel.  So far, my participation has been rather non-existent. But I really loved the acorns proposed by Tasha from I Seam Stressed in September and am determined to sew something before the month of October is over.  Better late than never I say!
So that’s the plan for this week!  Am I going to get all of this done?  Not a chance.  But I feel a bit better now that I have somewhat of a plan.
Happy sewing!



8 thoughts on “Kids Clothes Week : The Plan

  1. I do hope you use those acorns!! I’d love to see what you think up. You’d think that I would have already sewn up something since I had a head start by picking the acorns… Not so much! I’m hoping to incorporate them into a garment, as well.

    1. In view of the fact that you proceeded to give birth shortly after posting the acorns, I think you are forgiven girl, haha! I am quite eager to see what you come up with though… I’m almost done mine and will be putting it up soon! NatalieXX

    1. I’m sort of exhausted just thinking about, haha! But I’ll give it my best shot… and if Kids Clothes Week turns into Kids Clothes Month for me, well, so be it!NatXX

  2. You’re going to do all that in one-hour per evening! Superwoman! My spare hour is so precious, I’d love to participate, but not sure I can squeeze it in. I might just manage a Dracula cape for my son though – in time for Halloween! Should be easy-peasy! Thanks for the mention!

    1. I should have written that it’s an hour MINIMUM per day. So you’re right, it will take me much much more than 7 hours to do all that. I kind of always over extended myself Victoria… and then making silly sewing mistakes at midnight. Hey, doesn’t that sound familiar?? ;-)NatalieXX

  3. Oh the Tinny dress! Love it and can be changed up pretty easily, I turned it into an a-line, I’m sure you can use it to come up with something very similar to your inspiration photo 🙂 I’m hoping to get a few things done for kcw but your ambition far outweighs mine! 😉

    1. Thanks for the thumbs up on the Tinny dress. I haven’t started yet… keeping the best for the end maybe? Or is it that it’s a bit more detailed and time-consuming than what I’m used to and I’m a bit scared….NatalieXXX

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