Kids Clothes Week: Bimaa Sweaters

Today is day 3 of Kids Clothes Week.  I have been very busy in the sewing room and loving every second of it.  I’ll keep this post short and sweet so that I can maximize my time sewing…

I have fallen in love with the Bimaa Sweater Patter by LoubeeClothing.  Erin from Our Family Four suggested I try the pattern and boy am I ever glad I followed her advice.  (And funny enough, as I visited her site today to copy/paste her web link, I noticed that she is showing off her own version of the Bimaa sweater… check it out!)

It takes me less than two hours to make each sweater, entirely with my serger.   You can go absolutely bonkers with your fabric, sort of like I did here.  I’ve been following a few Finnish blogs lately and dig the way they pair up very colourful childlike fabrics with neutrals or solids.  So this is my take on the Bimaa sweater, Finn style.

For Alix, I used fabric purchased from a German Etsy store called Seligkeitsding.  The sleeves fabric is called “En Route”, while the inside of the hoodie is “Cloud”.  The quality of these jerseys is amazing… super soft yet thick enough to not cause me any issues sewing.  The navy blue jersey was on sale at Fabricland.

For Gaëlle, I just the shawl version.  The toadstool jersey comes from Loiseau Fabrics in Calgary.  This store shipped in about 2 hours from me placing my order.  It arrived 2 days later.  Let’s just say that I will order from Loiseau Fabrics again and again…  Oh, and look at that!  I am just noticing that the toadstool jersey happens to be on sale right now…

In order to obtain the cooperation seen above, I needed to promise the post photography session sugary treat seen below.

I still have plans to make the cowl neck version of this pattern.  Now if only it came in adult sizes too!!!!

I’ll be back soon with more creations from KCS week. Until then…. Happy sewing my friends!


15 thoughts on “Kids Clothes Week: Bimaa Sweaters

    1. Ah shucks, thanks Suz! I saw that you make an adult version of the Bimaa… now if only I can figure out how to grade a pattern, I would so make one for myself… NatalieXX

  1. That is so funny, I’m so glad you told me! It’s such an addictive pattern since it is so quick, although I don’t have a serger and I’m jealous you can crank yours out entirely with that!!I love your Bimaa’s!! I agree about the Finnish clothes, the bold print+neutral backdrop=sold!!Also, random but, I love your take on the Debbie dresses!! I actually guest posted for Tasha the day after you and I loved your post!! I meant to comment but you know how sometimes things get lost when you’re reading on your phone and then you get distracted and blah blah. Anyway, I’ve been sewing a Debbie this week, added sleeves b/c I didn’t see any point going sleeveless into the fall/winter, and I think it killed the vibe a bit. I don’t know, it just doesn’t work. Oh well.Anyway, so nice to “meet” you, officially! 🙂 Good luck with the rest of your projects!!Erin

    1. Hi Kelli,My favourite one is That mom is just mind-blowing amazing! And scroll down her sidebar and you will find some other great blogs in her blog roll. Let me know what you think!Natalie

  2. Love them! Honestly if you lived closer I’d ask you to give me sewing lessons b/c every time I see clothing or fabric I think of the world of crafts I am missing just b/c I am not able to sew.

    1. Alex, I know your blog: you are mad full of creative talent. I have absolutely no doubt that if you sat at a sewing machine for two minutes that you would create amazing stuff. Zero doubt in my mind!!!NatalieXX

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