Kids Clothes Week: Batman Costume

Better late than never.

Halloween might have come and gone, but I still feel like showing you the simple costume I made for Alix during Kids Clothes Week.

Batman Costume for Halloween:

I love this girl.  First thing she does when she gets home after daycare is change into some frilly dress.  Yet, we’ve gone through intense phases of Cars, Spiderman and now Batman.  I adore this versatility in my little girl… she reminds me of myself quite frankly.   When I was in grade 7, I complained to my mom that I thought it was unfair that girls had to take home economics, while boys took woodworking.  I wanted to take both!  So mom called the school and wouldn’t you know it, my class was the first class ever in the history of our school to have boys and girls alternate classes weekly.  And to this day, I love dressing up and looking all dolled up, BUT I’m also happy digging a trench and shooting rifles on the range (ok, I haven’t actually done that in about two decades but what can I say… I loved my military days!).  Ha!

Batman Costume for Halloween:

So when Alix asked to be Batman for Halloween, I was happy to oblige!

Batman Costume for Halloween:

I made my life much easier by purchasing a long sleeve shirt and a pair of leggings with skirt attached from Target.  We also found a cool Black Night mask at our local Halloween store.  So all that was missing was a belt, a Batman logo on the shirt, and a cape.

Batman Costume for Halloween:

I found a Batman logo online, printed it out and traced it on yellow and black felt.  I then adhered it to the shirt and cape using Heat ‘n Bond.  The belt fabric comes from my fabric stash and holds together with velcro at the back.

Batman Costume for Halloween:

I chose to sew the cape directly to the black t-shirt instead of using ties at the front.  I thought it might be safer that way, as in no choking hazard.

Batman Costume for Halloween:
Batman Costume for Halloween:

Our Halloween night ended up being warm, yet rainy.  Little Alix had a blast and now I have to figure out a way to stay out of her candy stash, aye!

Batman Costume for Halloween:

That’s it!  A simple costume that made Alix a very happy little girl!


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    1. Lisa, thank you so much! That means a lot to me as I’ve just switched to WordPress a few days ago so it’s great to get feedback on the look of things!


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