Kids Clothes Week and Secret Squirrel

Secret Squirrel and Kids Clothes Week:

I should have posted this a month ago.  But then again, I hadn’t actually made this a month ago.  So posting it would have been hard.  But with the incentive of Kids Clothes Week, I knew I had to get it done!

You might have noticed a cute little squirrel in my side bar… no?  Well here he is for you then:

It says in my sidebar that I am participating in the Secret Squirrel mission.  Bad bad secret agent I am, in light of the fact that I haven’t done a single mission…  until now!

You can read more about Secret Squirrel and his mission by clicking on the little guy above but in a nutshell (hey hey), it’s about bloggers inspiring each other to create beautiful garments by picking a theme of “five acorns” on a monthly basis.  It’s meant to push us outside of our comfort zone and get our sewing juices flowing.  I’ve been meaning to participate since it started this past July but something (work, kids, flus) kept me out of the game.

But when my friend Tasha from I Seam Stressed posted her five acorns of inspiration on September 1st, I knew I HAD TO CREATE!

Here are Tasha’s acorns:

green  |  the little prince  |  bias  |  zooey deschanel  |  great white shark

What do you see in those acorns?  Can you picture something beautiful, something amazing?  Well, this is what I saw…

Secret Squirrel and Kids Clothes Week:

Let’s break it down.


I took “green” as in recycle, reuse, repurpose.  Plus Tasha’s image had a bit of a furry fuzzy texture.  My old cashmere turtleneck fit the bill.  Guys, I am so proud to say that this is the first garment that I self-drafted.  That’s right… NO PATTERN!!! I am so so happy with the result, even though it’s clearly not perfect (the gap for the buttons should probably not be that wide…). But hey, it’s fully lined, made entirely of recycled fabrics and bonus, it fits Maïan perfectly!

Secret Squirrel and Kids Clothes Week:
Secret Squirrel and Kids Clothes Week:

A skirt! A short skirt!  A high-waisted short skirt!  A high-waisted short skirt with pretty pleats!

Pinterest led me to this free pattern at Nothing Too Fancy. I ran into some issues with the amount of fabric that I had cut for the back.  Somehow, I had way way too much and had to improvise (meaning throw the serger at it!) but even with some of the bulkiness at the waist, I still think it’s quite lovely.  (And the proof:  Maïan wore it to school out of her own accord… I didn’t have to guilt-trip her into wearing it at all!!!)  Happy mom!

Secret Squirrel and Kids Clothes Week:

That one was easy… a nice strip of red bias at the hem of the skirt.  So pretty!

Secret Squirrel and Kids Clothes Week:

I did scratch my head over this one… A scarf?  Stars?  A green tunic?  Then Maïan came through with the perfect solution:  a red bow!


I purchased some inexpensive metal hair clips from Etsy and Maïan and I spent an evening making the cutest hair bows.  Stay tuned for a tutorial real soon …

Secret Squirrel and Kids Clothes Week:

Ok friends… use your imagination here… do you see the great white shark?  Come on, look a bit closer…

Secret Squirrel and Kids Clothes Week:

The buttons!  They’re like shark eyes, no?  Seriously, you don’t see it???  Oh well, I tried!

Secret Squirrel and Kids Clothes Week:

Et voilà!  I’ve finally accomplished a Secret Squirrel mission and can proudly display the “Participating In Secret Squirrel” button on my sidebar without feeling like a fraud, haha!!!

Thank you so much An and Suz for coming up with the concept.  I completely love this international sewing community!!!



9 thoughts on “Kids Clothes Week and Secret Squirrel

  1. Love it! I love the way ‘Secret Squirrel’ outfits are all so totally different. And yes, these were an irresitable set of Acorns! I think it’s great the way your outfit is so wearable, and not too ‘literal’ – I can ‘see’ the shark eyes! And for some reason the white lace also makes me think of sharks, And…I want the bow tutorial! My little girl’s hair is always soooo untidy, I think she needs a big bow to distract from the tangles. And Maian looks so beautiful!

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