The Twelve Days of Christmas Sewing Series

I am so thrilled to let you know that I have been invited to participate in a new sewing series entitled The 12 Days of Christmas!

Suz of Sewpony and Laura of Craftstorming are the brains behind this fun idea and have asked 24 sewists to create and share an item of clothing for their child with the theme being, of course, the HOLIDAY SEASON!!!

You can read all about it here.




Check out these amazing bloggers that will be participating.  Do you see my little blog scheduled for December 3rd?  (Now how the heck did I land myself amongst all these talented ladies???  Gulp!)

Just click on any of the blog names above to go straight to their site… I can’t wait for the series to begin on December 1st… get ready for a huge dose of inspiration!!!


Natalie XX

petit à petit and family 

8 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Christmas Sewing Series

    1. Thank yo so much Tasha! I’m finally done making my dresses (’cause I couldn’t stop at one, could I) and now am keeping my fingers crossed that the girls will cooperate for picture taking time on Saturday… yikes!)

      1. Natalie,

        This is your “boss” – caught you! How could you say that you want to quit your job when we have so much fun – going to auctions on the weekend, parties, swapping kid stories. Oh c’mon. It’s a great time.

        Really though. I love your passion. It is a great blog. You are terrific. Keep at it.


      2. Oh oh, you did catch me!!! Everybody, this is my boss Mary!!! Let’s all be nice now!!!
        Mary, Let’s keep my little comment between us, shall we? And you’re right… we do have a really good time at work (and outside of work)… that’s ’cause we have amazing colleagues!!! And thanks for the sweet compliment about the blog… means the world to me!


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