The 12 Days of Christmas: My Guest Post is Up!

Eeeeeek!  It’s my turn!!! My guest post has crossed the planet and is now up on Suz’s Australian blog Sew Pony

Here’s a sneak peek of Gaëlle’s holiday dress:

The 12 Days of Christmas10


And you’ll have to head over to Sew Pony to see Alix’s dress. SO CLICK HERE!

And what about Maïan you say?  Stay tuned for that in a week or so…

And if you’re looking for more holiday sewing inspiration, head over to Suz’s partner in crime Laura from Craftstorming who is showcasing Simple Simon‘s work today.  You are guaranteed to not be disappointed!

Be sure to check out all the guest posts on both blogs from December 1 to 12!  Mad sewing skills I tell you!



4 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Christmas: My Guest Post is Up!

  1. Oh Natalie, they’re so pretty! I’m leaving my comment here but loved seeing you featured on Suz’s site.
    The little sleeves and collar on Gaëlle’s dress make me want to be a kid again. The detail is so sweet and the piping just screams “SPECIAL”. But what I love most is that the girls seem so happy in them. They love them, no doubt. Seeing Alix do a little twirl with her circle skirt is the epitome of being a girl. It’s so fun and feminine. And sewing the lace bow to the dress… GENIUS. I always hated, as a kid, when what I was wearing moved or felt uncomfortable and I was constantly having to adjust it. Beautiful job! (Did you do that background?) O.M.G.

    The music was great too. Zydeco (Louisiana Cajun French music) is huge in our neck of the woods. We’re only 3 hours from New Orleans so it’s everywhere. Any time I hear this music it makes me want to party and dance! Sounds like a fun Christmas. 🙂

    1. Hi Stacey,
      You nailed it about the dresses… it’s all about how the girls feel about wearing the clothes. Gaëlle doesn’t have much of a voice so far with regard to what she wears but Alix is quite opinionated about what I make it so it pleased me to no end to see her enjoy the dress so much (it’s a bit of a battle every morning as she wants to wear it and I am trying to save it for those special December events I noted in the post…).

      And that music is so much fun, right? Indeed, our roots and Cajun roots are intertwined so it’s neat to see that over a century later since our people were pulled apart, we still play similar folk tunes. It will be a fun Christmas, that’s for sure!

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