Compagnie M. Louisa Dress Pattern Tour… and my first giveaway!

Louisa Dress Pattern Tour1

I still remember the moment… I was at work and PING!, an email popped in on my iPhone.   I glanced at it and saw that it was from a “Marte”…

Hummm, I thought to myself.. the only “Marte” I know is from Compagnie M. , the Belgian blogger turned amazing pattern maker who’s taken the sewing blogosphere by storm.  It just can’t be THAT Marte, can it?

Curious, I opened up the e-mail and found this:


Hi! I’m Marte from Compagnie M. and I blog at

In December I’ll be launching a new pattern (called vintage dress at the moment).
You can see the dress here:

Do you feel like participating in the pattern tour?


Hooooooly smokes!!!!  Marte from Compagnie M. wanted me to participate in her pattern tour???  How insane is that????    HELL YEAH!!!

So needless to say,  I am quite excited to be a part of the Louisa Dress pattern tour (my ever first pattern tour!).  Plus, I have to mention that this is the very first time that, as a blogger, I am given something for free! There’s so much love, passion and hard work invested in sewing, photographing, writing, editing, and publishing posts on a blog that it feels SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD to finally be rewarded in some way… a free pattern you say?  I’ll take it!!!  Thanks so much Marte!

Louisa Dress Pattern Tour9

I had a ton of much fun sewing this Louisa Dress pattern.  I could see a million zillion options in terms of fabric combinations.  Plus piping, zippers, buttons, woohoo!!!

Louisa Dress Pattern Tour3

The grey fabric was found second hand from Value Village and was left over from a Debbie’s Birthday Dress I made for Alix’s this past summer (CLICK HERE) – it’s very soft!

The pocket Fabric is Little Red Riding Hood by Riley Blake Fabric (Little Mushrooms Toadstools Polka Dots Red on White), while the blue lining is Little Red Riding Hood by Riley Blake Fabric Grandmothers House In The Forest With Wolf on Blue.

Both of these matching fabrics were purchased from Allegro Fabrics on Etsy (who has some really incredible customer service – I had ordered a certain fabric for a quilt and was quickly informed that they didn’t have the quantity I needed.  I was bummed to say the least, as I had been having difficulty finding that specific fabric and I just NEEDED IT!  But Allegro quickly came back to me, saying not to worry, that they woudl find it for me and send it with my order.  And they did!  Within a couple of days, I had received an email saying that they had located the fabric I needed and all was being mailed out!  Now that is going above and beyond the call of duty, no??)

These are real functional buttons friends!  I forgot to take a picture but I lined the inside of the pocket with the blue Riding Hood fabric, just to give it a fun pop of colour when Gaëlle looks down and plays with the pocket.

Louisa Dress Pattern Tour2

Can you see the snow in the window?  It’s soooo cold outside!

Louisa Dress Pattern Tour10

Marte’s pattern gives different options with regard to the back, which can greatly change the look of the dress.  I opted for no side panels and a horizontal split at the back.

Louisa Dress Pattern Tour5

I also went with an exposed zipper (my first one!) instead of an invisible zipper.  I thought it would add a little punch at the back!

It hit me once I was done that the beautiful blue lining would not be visible at all once Gaëlle had the dress on so I added a little tag of a mushroom, as well as a little bum patch.  Just a little touch…

Louisa Dress Pattern Tour4


Louisa Dress Pattern Tour6

I thought it would be fun and cozy for the sleeves to  be made of knit jersey.  I used one of Chaughan’s old triathlon t-shirts and, as I don’t have a coverstitch machine and really hate hemming jersey, I used the existing hem for the cuffs.
Louisa Dress Pattern Tour7
Now I have to apologize for the poor quality of my pictures.  When I leave for work at 7:00am it is dark outside… and when I come home from work at 6:00pm it is, you guessed it, dark outside!  So I had no choice but to take pictures of the little Louisa Dress in darkness (hence the really bad shadows).   And then I waited until the sun was just peeking to take quick pictures of Gaëlle, knowing fully well that I would be late for work!  Unfortunately, Gaëlle was not in the mood to take pictures and the few that I have here are the only ones where she wasn’t completely blurry (or showing me the top of her head…).  I did my best by adjusting the brightness and the colours during photo editing but let’s face it, nothing replaces natural light.
Louisa Dress Pattern Tour11
I have to say, Marte of Compagnie M. has some of the cutest and most original PDF sewing patterns and her newly released Louisa Dress is no exception.  The pattern is sized 1 year up to 10 year, and since I have three girls, I am destined to make this pattern many more times!
Louisa Dress Pattern Tour8

The Louisa Dress can be purchased HERE at a 10% discount using the code Louisa10off.  Or even better, you can purchase both the Louisa dress and the Mara Blouse together at discount. I haven’t had a chance to sew the Mara Blouse yet but I think that might be next on my list!

And….. I’ve also got one copy of the pattern to raffle. Woohoo!!! Just click on the rafflecopter below!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck with the raffle and happy sewing friends!


13 thoughts on “Compagnie M. Louisa Dress Pattern Tour… and my first giveaway!

    1. Marte, thank you so much for asking me to participate in your pattern tour. You have no idea how much it meant to me (indeed, as you said in your post today, I was QUITE excited that you asked me!!!). Plus you might like to know that my page views increased exponentially today, thanks to you my friend!!!

      Thanks for your beautiful words… I can’t wait to keep sewing your beautiful patterns!


  1. Natalia, the dress is simply darling! No, nothing is too much if you want to achieve the look you have imagined 😉 Gaëlle will have so much fun in her new dress! What a great idea to make jersey sleeves. Nice, soft and comfy.

    1. Jenya I LOVE that we appeared on Marte’s blog at the same time!!! (Did your page views sky rocket today??? Looks like Marte has a big following, no?) Thank you for your sweet comments. I really loved sewing the Louisa Dress… I can’t wait to try a different look! Now I will have to purchase the Mara Blouse so that I have those sleeve options (I just eye-balled the length here… and of course, they are a bit long, haha!)

      Thanks Jenya,

    1. Venus, thank you so much! I think these exposed zippers must crop up often in my sewing from now on… I love that pop of colour and that retro/industrial look to them…

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I am a huge fan of your blog and I love your version of the Louisa Dress as well!


    1. Oh wow Kelli! Are you serious girl!!! Heading over to your site right now to find out more about this…

      Thank you thank you!!! And congrats to you my friend!

      Natalie (oh, let’s see if I can put just one more exclamation mark in this response…. !… there)

  2. You kill me, Natalie. Seriously, I’m just sitting here looking at this with my mouth wide open thinking I would love to have had a mom who made such adorable clothes for me. It must be so much fun to be able to do that for your kids. Your attention to all the little details like the lining, pocket and little tag are what makes sewing addictive, I think. That spontaneous kind of creativity would just leave my butt parked in front of the sewing machine non-stop ……”what can I come up with next”!!! I love that you think outside the box and go with it.

    THE SNOW! OMG… it’s making me shiver just looking at it.
    I’m sorry I just have to giggle…. Gaëlle’s cute little legs peeking out from under that dress is adorable! What a doll.

    1. Ma chère Christine, merci beaucoup pour ton beau message! Et je voulais également te remercier pour la promotion de mon blog que tu as fait sur Twitter la semaine dernière. Je saisis bien mal le fonctionnement de Twitter (j’en ai beaucoup à apprendre sur le fonctionnement de ce média social) mais j’ai tellement apprécié ton Tweet!!! Je te souhaite de merveilleuses fêtes, toi et ta belle famille!


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