Mara Blouse Nightgown


Mara Blouse 8

A few months ago, Alix was a huge Batman fan.  It was all Batman, all the time.  Before Batman, it was Spiderman.,.. she loooooved Spiderman.  And before that, she lived for Cars and the likes of Lightning McQueen and Finn McMissile.

But since last November, my little tomboy has turned a new leaf.  Oh yes, whether I like it or not, the princesses have made their appearance in our household.  Alix is all about crowns, bows, and fancy dresses.  The minute she gets home from daycare, she runs to her room, sheds her daytime play clothes, and jumps into a dress.  Tomboy no more.

Mara Blouse 4

I made most of Alix’s birthday gifts by hand this year.  I posted about her dress last week, the Caroline Party dress pattern that has now become a favourite.  I decided to also make her a night gown.  I’ll admit, I am not a fan of night gowns… they ride up, they bunch up, your bottom half gets cold while your top half boils.  Not a fan.  But little Alix has been begging to go to bed with a dress… so, a night gown seemed like a decent option.

Mara Blouse 1

Do you recognize the pattern?  It is the Compagnie M. Mara blouse… I used this same pattern to make this sweet blouse for Gaelle in early January.

Since a night gown is meant to be extremely comfy, I decided to make it as unfussy as possible.  A nice turquoise flannel for the main body, with a utra soft white flannel for the yoke.  I also omitted the entire button placket at the front, opting for two fabric covered faux buttons. Navy blue piping gives the yoke a nice sharp outline.

Mara Blouse 6

I had fun adding a little hippo tag on the side, made from a fun Japanese fabric.

Since I went without the button placket at the front, I needed to figure out for Alix’s head to fit through the neck opening.  I went with a “v” slit at the back, with the edges turned and top stitched.  It looked liked like a success until Alix tried to put it on… ooops, the neck opening was too small.  Riiiipppp!  Looks like I have a little bit of mending coming my way!

Mara Blouse 7

I love how retro this looks on Alix.

Mara Blouse 5

Mara Blouse3

And there you go… my first hand made night gown!  And wouldn’t you know it, Alix has lined up a second one…


4 thoughts on “Mara Blouse Nightgown

    1. Renee thank you! Indeed, Alix loves how soft the night gown feels. There might be more flannel garments in her future! 🙂


  1. Oh lovely – might have to copy this idea, apologies, but imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! Missy desperatly needs more sleepwear. She’s a tomboy too – although loves playing at being mummy – I brushed her hair the other day and I said I was making her like a princess… “No, a PIRATE please mummy!” she replied…

    1. Love this Victoria! And of course, I would be only flattered if you jumped on the night gown bandwagon, hahaha!!!


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