Baby Doll Basket


Baby Doll Basket1

I am having so much fun sewing!  Can you tell?  It’s a bit of an addiction actually… for Valentine’s Day this year, my gifts for the girls were all handmade.  Oh yeah, that’s how I roll!

Here’s what I made for Alix (which was actually supposed to be for her birthday the week before but I just couldn’t find enough minutes in the sewing room to complete it)…

A DOLL BASKET!!!  How cute is this???

Baby Doll Basket2

I was hanging out at LBG Studio recently and I stumbled upon one of Vanessa’s amazing creations… check it out here.  Recognize it?  It’s the Baby Doll Basket Pattern by Made.  I loved everything about Vanessa’s doll basket, including her choice of fabric and her changes in the handles.  Well I just had to make one too!

Baby Doll Basket3

The little guy hanging out in there?  That’s one of the first things I made when I started sewing, about 4 years ago.  It’s the Lilly Lamb Pattern by Bit of Whimsy… he’s been washed a lot which is why his little forehead has seen better days.  Bah, gives him character!

Baby Doll Basket4

If I get my act together, I’ll come back to show you what I made Gaëlle and Maïan…

Make It and Love It

14 thoughts on “Baby Doll Basket

    1. Victoria, I am curious… did you end up making a doll basket for Missy! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY!!!!


  1. i have been wanting to make this too!! oh i love it! how big is it? big enough for an american doll? my girls have been begging me for one and they never ask for anything…so i just might.

  2. OH BABY! That basket is the cutest thing EVER! I LOVE the fabric, Natalie…. those little nesting dolls are adorable. Also the little blanket inside, the trim, the handles, the coordinating fabrics. GOOD GRIEF this is fun! I can imagine the excitement you must have felt as you were sewing this. Such pride! There’s nothing like a handmade gift. I’m in love with it. xo
    P.S. How did the haircut turn out? You better share!

    1. Well, you’re the one who inspired me to make it Vanessa! I was so impressed with your version that I just HAD to make one too! 🙂


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