Shifting Gears – Pattern Making

I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now and I feel I might have come to a small fork in the road.  The ride up to now has been exhilarating!

I have “met”  strong, inspiring, and genuine friends along the way… these friends have pushed me to learn, to grow, to be fearless.  They’ve taught me to test my limits and go beyond.  But most importantly, and on a daily basis, they are teaching me to be myself (which you’d think at the ripe old age of  41, would be an easy thing to do… but strangely, it’s not….).

And I love  all the sewing that this last year has brought me… I have adored being asked to test patterns or to participate in blog tours.  I have been thrilled to see some of my creations featured on other blogs.  

And I am sensing that a new desire is growing inside of me…   the desire to create my own patterns.  I have already toyed around with a few existing patterns and morphed them into something different.

 And, although loosely based on an existing bodice block,  I had a first “Natalie” creation come to life… this one here…

Downton Sewing 1 Downton Sewing 8

Sooooo… I’ve set my sights on my next challenge:  to design, draft, digitize, grade, and sell a first pattern!

And I’ve taken the first step… I’ve signed up for an e-course on pattern making… I’m a third of the way through already and I’m loving it!!!

It’s the brainchild of Lauren Dahl we knows her shit when it comes to using programs such as Illustrator and  InDesign.  The course is amazingly detailed and covers every. single. aspect. of the pattern making process.  

I am insanely impressed so far and if that isn’t enough, by purchasing the workshop, I have access to Ms. Dahl herself on (pratically!) a 24 hour basis… I am kidding… I think she sleeps at times but trust me, she gets by on very little (and looks damn fine despite!).

So I’ll let you know how things progress but the goal is to have a little pattern out by the end of the year…

Wish me luck!  🙂

P.S. Lauren operates an affiliate program for students… so if you sign up for her course via the button above, I get a little something out of it.  


11 thoughts on “Shifting Gears – Pattern Making

  1. YOU GO GIRL! This is so wonderful, Natalie. Someone as talented as yourself should be pushing that creativity to another level. I’ve seen you do some amazing alterations to an existing pattern here on this lovely blog so I have NO DOUBT that your own patterns will be spectacular. Oh my goodness… that official makes you a clothing DESIGNER!!! As if you weren’t already one of those. I’m so excited for you! I can feel your enthusiasm as I read this post. One of the best things about getting older, for me, is finally figuring out what makes you happy (sometimes it takes a while) and having the confidence to go for it! GOOD LUCK! I’ll be cheering you on.

  2. Well done Nat! I love your blog, and can’t wait to see what you create. Still don’t know how you find time to make such beautiful things with 3 kids and a demanding “other” job. If I could sew, I know I would buy your pattern in a second. My goal is to learn how to use a sewing machine by the end of the year…

  3. Oh wow! That is so adorable and stunning at the same time! It will make an adorable pattern! I am in the pattern workshop class with you and it is all so exciting!!!!

  4. this is so exciting!! this dress seams very unique! I am interested in taking this course: could you just anwer this question? do you need to take another course first in order to learn how to draft patterns on paper? or is the course sufficient in itself if you don’t really have experience in drafting? thank you

    1. Hi Sophie! I’m glad you like the dress! To answer your question about the course, no, it’s not necessary to learn how to do anything else. Lauren will suggest some other material that can be purchased but it’s not necessary. And she gives full tutorials on basic use of Adobe Illustrator so the course is perfect for someone who’s a beginner, like me! I’m not done the course yet but I can tell that it’s a very comprehensive program that touches on all the little details!


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