Lua Sleepsack – A Pattern by Straightgrain


Lua Sleepsack 3

I was recently selected to test Straightgrain‘s latest pattern… the Lua Sleepsack!  The timing could not have been better, as little Gaëlle had by far grown out of her 12-18 month old “gigoteuse” and needed a much much longer one.  When I saw that An had created a pattern that was not only lined but also went to size 2Y, I applied immediately to test.  I was still expecting however that since Gaëlle had just turned 2 and is actually tall for her age, I would have to add a few inches to the bottom of the sleep sack.  Nope, not so.  An has taken toddlers into consideration and has ensured that there’s lots of room for their little toes.

button slaapzak

As with all of her patterns, An explains all steps in great detail, throwing in tips and tricks along the way.  The instructions are meticulous, leaving your with a well crafted garment you can be very proud of.

Lua Sleepsack 1

The Lua Sleep is lined with a layer of batting, and has a long zipper at the side for ease of use.

Lua Sleepsack 2

Although walking around in a a “gigoteuse” is not the easiest thing to do, I thought this illustrated well the size of the garment and the wiggle room for the feet.

Lua Sleepsack 4

Bonjour petite Gaëlle!  Réveille-toi!!!

Lua Sleepsack 5

On te sort de ta gigoteuse? Ah… tu étais bien au chaud n’est-ce pas ma cocotte!

Lua Sleepsack 6

Lua Sleepsack 7

Head over to Straightgrain to see all the lovely sleepsacks made by An’s testers…. the amazing choices of fabrics will astound you!

Lua Sleepsack collage


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