The Fashionable Type

Fashionable Type Je t'aime Skirt1

I’m up today on an innovative sewing series called “The Fashionable Type” hosted by Stacey of Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy.  It’s a series devoted to letters and words in fashion! All week, bloggers have been showing creations based on all aspects of typography: graphic tees, home decor, and clothing items inspired by type in the form of words, letters or numbers. 

This challenge was a new one for me, as so far, I’ve never included any letters or numbers in my sewing.  I came close to making a pillow with a huge JE T’AIME! embroidered on it…  but since embroidery is a tad foreign to me, I quickly altered course.

I pondered on my own connection with letters and words.  I remembered that as a little girl, the best thing in the world was to receive a letter in the mail!!! I would get so excited imagining the message hidden within the travel weary envelope adorned with colourful stamps.  And that memory led me to creating a little skirt for Alix, with a heart kissed envelope pocket hiding a secret missive of love….

Fashionable Type Je t'aime Skirt5


Fashionable Type Je t'aime Skirt8Fashionable Type Je t'aime Skirt10

The pattern is self-drafted, although loosely based on Straightgrain’s Tiny dress.  The pocket design was completely trial and error (with a huge emphasis on ERROR) but I had a blast doing it.  Oh sure, it’s missing refinement but I kind of love it that way (or so I like to tell myself)!  Besides, you don’t see any mistakes, do you?  Wink wink!

The letters for “Je t’aime” were written using my Janome machine.

Fashionable Type Je t'aime Skirt9

Fashionable Type Je t'aime Skirt3

For the back of the love letter, I chose a fabric that Alix has been in love with since I made a Caroline dress with it for her little sister…

The main fabric is ponte di roma in navy.  I added red bias tape to the hem of the skirt and I am sooooo proud of my application.  Seriously, I have to publicly pat myself on the back with this one… oh, bias tape and I have not been friends in the past.  Like not at all! I’ve been left quite frustrated on numerous occasions after some completely failed attempts at sewing it on.  But this time around, with the help of a new foot, it was a success!  Woohoo!

Fashionable Type Je t'aime Skirt4

But….. the photoshoot…. this was a tough one.  If you visit my little blog often, you’ll know that photographing Alix is a feat that has literally taken me to new heights!  Generally, the issue is that Alix won’t stand/sit still for me… so I end up running madly after her, trying to change my manual settings as I go.

But in this case, sweet sweet Alix was simply in no mood to be photographed.   She was refusing to look at me, pretended she couldn’t understand my prodding, tried to remove her clothes, and then finally broke down crying.  What follows is the best of the bunch (minus tears)… I tried again on a second night and there was no getting her to cooperate.  Oh well! I know better than to push things!

Fashionable Type Je t'aime Skirt2

Fashionable Type Je t'aime Skirt6   Fashionable Type Je t'aime Skirt7

Fashionable Type Je t'aime Skirt11

Everyday of this series Stacey is having a giveaway on her blog.  Check out the shops in the giveaway below and be sure to enter!  Make sure you check out all of the other posts by some fabulous bloggers as well!  So much inspiration!

Mon. 5/5- Sew Fine Fabric
Thurs. 5/8- Sweet Lucy Jack
Fri. 5/9- Sew Me A Song
Sat. 5/10-  World Tangles
Sun. 5/11- Bio ME5
The Fashionable Type Button

And if you’re feeling inspired to create something with typography, head over to Stacey’s blog to link up! 


22 thoughts on “The Fashionable Type

  1. I LOVE it Natalie. What a darling concept. I too spend most photo sessions chasing my children around. Maybe we need to take a photo journalist class? Thank you so much for joining in on the series.

    1. Stacey, what a brilliant idea! A photo journalism class!!! I have pretty much accepted that my blog will not be showing pictures of children patiently posing in front of a wall. I can live with that. Now I need to perfect the art of photographing in mid-play (or mid-pout!). Thank you so much for having me as part of your series. How fun!


    1. I think I am getting a bit addicted to the navy/red pairing! It’s just so perfect: classic, yet modern! And I agree that this series is perfect in allowing us to push the “envelope” (hehehe)… Really fun!


  2. Such a gorgeous and clever skirt! Your skirt photos were so captivating, I actually didn’t even notice that there were none being modelled until you mentioned it- but I totally hear you, no standing by a wall photos at my place either 😉

    1. What that is wonderful to hear Renee! Maybe I won’t even mention the photoshoot challenges next time… ah, who am I kidding?! I love to keep it real and point out the good and the bad! 🙂

    1. Hi Annika! You have trouble too with the photoshoots? I just have fun discovering your wonderful blog and it certainly doesn’t look like it! 🙂 I noticed you mention that you are on a one year maternity leave… when do you go back to work? And will you be going back full time? I also work full time… it’s hard to squeeze in quality sewing time with a full time job (and a busy little family too!), isn’t it?

      It’s wonderful to meet you Annika!!!!


  3. Natalie, It’s lovely! So inspired, so simple, yet beautiful. Wearable and stylish…ok am over-dosing on adjectives! Really love it. And, you know, it’s also made me nostalgic for proper letters. I remember the thrill of actually getting a letter (and still have so many tucked away). It’s going to be such a different world for our kids. And – photos – yep my ‘standing by the wall’ photos are usually the result of shameless bribery, usually with a packet of extremely unhealthy sweets. I’m snapping in between her asking for ‘another sweetie…’ It’s not my proudest parenting moment!

    1. Hi Victoria!
      Thank you for your sweet message! I totally forgot to try sweets during this photoshoot… I promised her afterwards (as all I had was chocolate and I didn’t want a mess on the outfit during the shoot) but Alix has no patience for delayed gratification. I need to find a small candy that she can eat while I shoot… maybe Smarties? Must experiment, hahaha!


    1. Thank you so much Sweetlana! Do let me know if you make something similiar… I would love to see it! 🙂


  4. Natalie, love the skirt! The pocket and the secret in it are of so sweet! Red bias finished the skirt perfectly. Those photos of Alix in it are super lovely 🙂

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