Bonjour Soleil! – At the Ottawa Tulip Festival

Soleil Dress4

The weather is absolutely gorgeous lately, and could not be better suited for the Soleil Dress Pattern Tour!  Lauren of Baste + Gather has just created her first garment pattern, the  Soleil Dress by Selvage Design, and let me tell you, it is incredible.  Not only is the design perfection, but the illustrated instructions have seriously raised the bar for all PDF pattern creators.  Of course, this isn’t surprising at all, in view of the fact that Lauren is THE. LAUREN. DAHL. of Pattern Workshop, the extraordinary series of online pattern making videos that took the web by storm just a few short months ago.

Soleil Dress9

I had a blast sewing this pattern (even though I was all thumbs and had some major screw ups… all me, not Lauren’s instructions… ok, all me and a large glass of red on a Saturday night…ooops!).  I love how versatile the pattern can be depending on your choice of fabric.

I opted for a fun rayon that had been pre-approved by Alix who loved the graphic coloured pattern.  But before cutting into my fabric, I thought best to consult Lauren in order to see whether the rayon was a bad choice since it’s so light and stretchy.  She confirmed that I could expect gaping at the back… ugh… oh well, I went for it anyway in view of the fact that Alix loved the fabric so much.  And of course, gaping occurred, as you can see above.  But you know what?  Alix is crazy about this dress.  She wore it at the Tulip Festival on Sunday, then insisted on sleeping in it that night, and refused to take it off on Monday.  I think it’s a winner!!!

Soleil Dress3

If you make this pattern with the fabrics recommended by Lauren, you can expect that the back opening will not be as large as what you see on my version here.  That’s the fault of my overly stretchy fabric as well as an unfortunate serger incident that forced me to shorten the bodice by over an inch (I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say that some fabric got caught and snipped by the serger knife… don’t drink and serge people!!!)

Oh, and just so that you know, the pattern comes with the option of a closed back too, which might have been preferable for a drappy lightweight fabrics like this one.

Soleil Dress10

Soleil Dress11

The yellow ribbing gives the dress a fun sporty look.  It’s from an old tank top of mine that I repurposed.

Soleil Dress2


Soleil Dress1

Alix and Gaëlle had so much fun exploring the gorgeous tulip beds at Dow’s Lake for the annual Tulip Festival.

Soleil Dress7


Soleil Dress6


Soleil Dress5


Soleil Dress8

Lauren, you should be extremely proud of the Soleil Dress pattern. It is stunning! I can’t wait to sew more of your amazing PDF creations!  I’m sure we will be seeing many more brilliant designs from Lauren Dahl of Selvage Designs.

Click HERE to buy your Soleil Dress.

(This is an affiliate link, which means that Lauren pays me a commission if you choose to purchase the pattern via this link. And that commission goes straight to buying more fabric for my stash, woohoo!)


30 thoughts on “Bonjour Soleil! – At the Ottawa Tulip Festival

    1. So Renee, you’re kind of saying that I am extra talented then if I can sew and drink, hahaha! I’ll go with it! Thanks so much for the compliment on the dress!!!


    1. Thank you so much! And tulips happen to be my fave too… they were all over the place at our wedding, including on the top of the wedding cake, haha! Just love them!


  1. The dress! The flowers! Your sweet girls! It’s all too much and I couldn’t love it more. You are a talented woman. (P.S. I’m FINALLY responding to my emails. You’ll have a lengthy response in your inbox soon. I read and re-read every one of your comments. I just adore you.)

    1. Oh Sarah, you are so sweet! Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments (I could re-read them all day!!!!) And no worries about responding to emails… remember our pact of a year ago, where we would never stress about delayed responses…. it’s all good!!! 🙂

      Love ya tons Sarah,

    1. Christine, thank you so much! And that’s right, you used to live in Ottawa, I forgot that! Yes, that Tulip Festival is really special… it definitely beautifies the entire city!!! 🙂


    1. Haha, thank you Sarah! It’s such a fun pattern… now I need to get going on another little pattern that has a cut out in the back…. your Shandiin of course!!!


  2. That’s such a great dress – Missy would love it too. She wants to wear t-shirts and leggings now, not the girly dresses I sew, so this would suit her perfectly….but I’m so scared of knits!
    I love that back cut-out too, makes me think of lovely sun-tan shapes on little girl’s backs….Don’t forget sunscreen!….

    1. Oh Victoria, you need to get passed your fear of knits ’cause you don’t know what you’re missing… so easy to sew, and insanely forgiving. Start with a thicker jersey and you will be fine… with you talent and amazing courage, you can’t fail!

      Oh, good point about sunscreen!


    1. Haha Lucy, you are too funny!!! I figure that in view of the fact that my “saturday nights out with the girls” have been replaced by “alone in my basement sewing room after the kids have gone to bed”, I am deserving of adding red wine to the mix to up the cool factor, hahaha!


  3. Oh my Natalie! Your talents are so inspiring. Your sewing and fashion are wonderful I look forward to your posts to see what new delights you have created. But it is also your photographs of your daughters wearing your creations that are the highlight. They are magical. Do you realize you are creating a legacy for your children through your blog? It is becoming a wonderful memory piece Keep up the amazing work. It is very special!

    1. Oh Thea, what a beautiful thing to say!!! A legacy, a memory piece, wow, I don’t think I had seen it like that at all. But now that you mention it, yes, I think you are so right! It’s so strange… your comment couldn’t come at a better time… I have been questioning my reasons for blogging and was starting to feel a bit burned out and wondering if it was all worth it… but your beautiful thoughts just filled my cup! Thank you so much!!!!


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