Photography Class Week 1

After spending the better part of the last year struggling with manual mode, I’ve decided to sign up for an in person 10 week Digital Foundations class at the School of Photographic Arts Ottawa.  I am determined to improve my composition, understand lighting, and nail my focus.  Week one’s homework was to take pictures of any subject of our choice, using AV mode.  I chose to photograph the two youngest residents in this household….  I thought it might be fun to put up my weekly homework here, in order to see a progression (I hope!) in my photography skills.  Here are the 15 images that i turned in as homework (all straight out of camera, absolutely no editing).


DF Week 1 1 DF Week 1 2 DF Week 1 3 DF Week 1 4 DF Week 1 6 DF Week 1 7 DF Week 1 8 DF Week 1 9 DF Week 1 10 DF Week 1 11 DF Week 1 12 DF Week 1 13 DF Week 1 14 DF Week 1 15 DF Week 1 16


3 thoughts on “Photography Class Week 1

  1. Natalie! I LOVE these! I’ve been thinking about taking a photography class… I think I’ve reached a plateau in terms of what I can do on my own. I can’t wait to see more and hear about your experience!

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