Photography Class Week 2

Homework for week two at the SPAO consisted of taking close up images of a larger object.  I decided to choose the busy street corner where I work in downtown Ottawa.  It seemed fitting as it’s a part of the urban decor that I see on a daily basis, yet rarely “see” on a daily basis…  It’s only once we were reviewing all student’s homework in class that I realized that I may have cheated somewhat… everyone else had chosen one particular object, and then taken closeups from various angles (like a food item or a pet).  Picking a street corner meant that I had way more options to shoot what caught my eye, instead of examining one single object from different perspectives.

Regardless of my “cheating”, I’m not all that thrilled with my result.  I think I am definitely happier taking pictures of people.  Inanimate objects just don’t seem to ignite my passion as much.  But at least they stay still without bribing!!!  What do you love to photograph?

Here are my ten best pictures from Week 2, straight out of camera, zero editing (except resizing).   What do you think… anything here interesting?  Would love to hear some thoughts on composition…

SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog0001 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog2 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog3 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog4 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog5 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog6 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog7 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog8 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog9 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog10


6 thoughts on “Photography Class Week 2

  1. There’s a few I like a lot here! The close up of the statue. Being so close makes it feel so much more mournful than standing back. The flowers; love the contrast of the bright color with the grey wall. The close up of the door. I almost wish the door was more weathered to give more texture but it isn’t like we can go around cracking the paint in public buildings! And the close up of the bench.

    I am all over the map with my photography. I think I like taking pictures of my kids the most but not far behind is close ups. I find my lens frustrating for that though. It doesn’t let me get as close as I want. I have plans to ask my whole family to get me a macro lens as combo birthday Christmas gift! Then, I will take ALL the close ups! Otherwise, I’ve also been enjoying setting up composition with an assortment of objects on a white background. Oh! And I just started messing around with water. I need practice with that.

    1. I’m with you in terms of lenses… I find limited by the ones that I have (mainly the kit lens and the 50mm 1.8). But I figure I should learn to use them probably, and the camera too, before I invest any more money. And thank you for the feedback on the pictures…


  2. I’m not expert on photography but I know what I like. Out of your 10 images the flowers are my favourite.

    I look forward to seeing your progress.

    1. It’s probably because there is lots of grey in there Olu… and we all know how much you love grey, hahahaha!!!

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