Photography Class Week 4

Week 4 demanded that we think outside the box.  The class went on an architectural shoot, concentrating on composition and framing.  We had to hit different elements, such as geometric shapes, lines, reflections and such.  The purpose was to understand how these elements can influence the outcome of the image, make it impactful and memorable…

Here’s my take on Geometric Shapes




MovementRhythm and patterns…

Pattern ReflectionsReflection

Symmetry and asymmetrySymmetry



Triangle2We were also asked to take 10 consecutive shots of a subject, in manual mode of course, without deleting any… It’s meant to push us towards an instinctual understanding of the proper settings on the camera.  It is also meant to replicate what it was like to be a photographer before the digital era.  Here are my ten images, in a row… I took the easy rode and chose a three year old completely captivated by Caillou on the iPad… SPAO Week 4 1 SPAO Week 4 2 SPAO Week 4 3 SPAO Week 4 4 SPAO Week 4 5 SPAO Week 4 6 SPAO Week 4 7 SPAO Week 4 8 SPAO Week 4 9 SPAO Week 4 10


And finally, this was not part of the homework but I just loved this image of Gaëlle’s long lashes and had to post it…

SPAO Week 4 my fav


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