Photography Class Week 5

Portraiture was the name of the game this week!  I suppose it’s something I’m a bit more familiar with, seeing that I am constantly snapping shots of my family members.  Homework was to set up a photoshoot of a subject.  I rarely get to photograph Maïan so decided she would be my victim, hehehe…. To make it worse for her, I took her out on a 13km hike of Gatineau Park.  My city girl completely hated it… that is until we got attacked by a grouse and in my panic to run away from the crazed bird, I fell flat on my butt.  Oh, that was insanely funny according to her!  She laughed until we got to the car and ended up saying that was an amazing day (even though she had complained for most of it!).  SPAO Week 5 Portrait_1 SPAO Week 5 Portrait_2 SPAO Week 5 Portrait_3SPAO Week 5 Portrait_4  SPAO Week 5 Portrait_5 SPAO Week 5 Portrait_6 SPAO Week 5 Portrait_7 SPAO Week 5 Portrait_8This brief hike was a precursor to an amazing adventure Maïan and I have planned for the first two weeks of August.  Mother and daughter will be traveling, make that backpacking, in the Dominican Republic.  We’ll be staying in hostels and doing volunteer work too.  With Maïan having just turned 13, I think this trip will be an amazing eye opening adventure that I hope will stay with her for many years to come.  There’s nothing like traveling to make us understand the world that surrounds us… stay tuned for more on doubt real soon…


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