Photography Class Week 6

Every Wednesday night, locals meet directly in front of City Hall for an amazing evening of salsa.  It starts with a one hour lesson, followed by hours and hours of live DJ music and dancing.  This was the perfect venue for the class to practice photographing strangers.  I have to admit I was quite nervous as the introvert in me generally prefers not to bother others.  But as the evening wore on, I got into the swing of things and managed to capture the following moments…


SPAO July Salsa1


SPAO July Salsa2 SPAO July Salsa3 SPAO July Salsa4 SPAO July Salsa5 SPAO July Salsa6 SPAO July Salsa7 SPAO July Salsa8 SPAO July Salsa9 SPAO July Salsa10 SPAO July Salsa11 SPAO July Salsa12


3 thoughts on “Photography Class Week 6

  1. Beautiful photos!!! I must confess the few times I tried to photograph strangers on the street the introvert in me didn’t let me do it… I’ll try to start with a group of relaxed street dancers next… 🙂

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