Well hello my new friend!  I am so excited to see you here!


La gang à Nat: A slang (yet common!) French Canadian term meaning “Nat and her family” or “Nat and her group”.  For me, it evokes a sense of belonging and denotes the importance of family, friends and community.

My name is Natalie and I started this little blog in January 2013 in order to find an outlet for all this creativity that is brewing inside of me.  I am a full-time professional working for the Canadian government.  It’s a serious job and I’m good at it.  Yet, to be perfectly honest, I’m not that much of a  serious person and I need to let the crazy out of the bag once in a while.  So I sew and I paint and I create and and I decorate and I photograph and I write.   And while doing all that, I am also taking care of my amazing little family…

La gang à Nat is a little blog about the various things that make me smile.  And that’s a lot of things!   Like…

my three incredibly sweet yet crazy girls

my sewing room projects

my new found quilting addiction

my constant need to transform objects in our house generally with paint

my thrift store hunts for little treasures

my chats over coffee in bed with my husband Chaughan



A few odd ball tidbits about me:

I am Franco Ontarian and therefore belong to a linguistic minority in my province

I started sewing in 2010 and fell hard for this art form

I taught English and French in Taiwan during my 20s

I did three full Ironman Triathlon races, one of them 3 months pregnant

I have a passion for traveling

I am crazy for tulips

I am vegetarian

I am one of the most open minded people you’ll ever meet

I love horror movies

I collect Pyrex, vintage Fisher Price, milk glass and old cameras

I’d love to get to know you better so follow along or leave a comment, would ya?  Awesome!



13 thoughts on “About

  1. Bonjour Natalie! We are so happy to meet you. Your site is fantastic and so enjoyable to roam around on. We love your story and your creativity. Welcome to BeBetsy. We will have your first submission published soon. The 1920’s inspired dress is adorable and absolutely perfect.
    Warmest best wishes! ~ sharon and denise

    1. Sharon and Denise, your message is so sweet! Thank you so much for those lovely compliments about my blog… I’m very touched! And thank you for G+ing my submitted garments… wonderful!


  2. Vintage fisher price! Have you got one of those wind-up gramophones/record players with the little plastic records that play Au Clair de La Lune,? And a garage with a lift… and a smiley telephone…?
    Can you tell I’m a child of the seventies.. 😉

    1. Haha I do indeed have the record player but I have to admit that it’s actually a remake of the original. I do have a vintage Sesame Street house though, and a helicopter. And I am trying to get my hands on the camper with boat on top. Ok, I’ll come clean… I am also a child of the 70s!!!


  3. Hi Nat, have you redesigned your blog? I usually read via Bloglovin, so now I hopped over and it’s all looking very polished and new, just a bit different! But maybe that’s just me and my awful memory 😉 Nienke

    1. Nienke, yes, I did, about a month ago! I removed the sidebar, simplified the footer, enlarged the images, and streamlined the home page a bit. I’m so glad you noticed! You are the first person to comment on it so I was starting to wonder if it was nice or not, haha! The changes are sort of subtle but still there… You memory is fantastic my friend!!!


  4. Hello Natalie,

    I am a follower who has never commented before. I love seeing the clothes you make for your girls, as I have three of my own around the same ages. I am a fledgling blogger and a wanna-be seamstress. I’m also a lawyer for the federal government here (in Washington DC), and so I was struck by the things we have in common too! You are a much more advanced blogger and sewer than I am, so I consider you an inspiration. I don’t see too many bloggers who maintain a blog AND a family and full-time job. I’ll continue to follow you and maybe even share something I am able to finish for my girls. Best,

    1. Anika, thank you so much for your sweet comment! It couldn’t come at a better time actually… I have been questioning the existence of my blog and wondering whether it is all worth it… I do love it, but it is so hard to find the time to sew, photograph, edit, write and post when there are so many other competing priorities in my life. I’m sure you understand as you are in the same situation as I am. So it is nice to hear that I am inspiring others… I will continue blogging because I love it and because it is “my thing”, but it might be on a monthly basis only. Basically zero stress and commitments (and possibly zero readers, haha!)

      But aside from all that, it is so amazing to find someone else who wears the same shoes I do!!! You sew, you have three kids, you work full time as lawyer for the federal government!!! I know very few bloggers who work full time yet alone raise three little ones so this is so much fun!!! Please do let me know when you post some of your sewing, as I would love to see and read all about it!

      A new friend,

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