Petite fille de quatre ans

Notre petite Gaëlle vient de fêter ses quatre ans le 1er avril… je me suis donc amusée à la photographier un peu.


Alix (1 of 16) Alix (2 of 16) Alix (3 of 16) Alix (4 of 16) Alix (5 of 16) Alix (6 of 16) Alix (7 of 16)


Photography Class Week 6

Every Wednesday night, locals meet directly in front of City Hall for an amazing evening of salsa.  It starts with a one hour lesson, followed by hours and hours of live DJ music and dancing.  This was the perfect venue for the class to practice photographing strangers.  I have to admit I was quite nervous as the introvert in me generally prefers not to bother others.  But as the evening wore on, I got into the swing of things and managed to capture the following moments…


SPAO July Salsa1


SPAO July Salsa2 SPAO July Salsa3 SPAO July Salsa4 SPAO July Salsa5 SPAO July Salsa6 SPAO July Salsa7 SPAO July Salsa8 SPAO July Salsa9 SPAO July Salsa10 SPAO July Salsa11 SPAO July Salsa12

Photography Class Week 4

Week 4 demanded that we think outside the box.  The class went on an architectural shoot, concentrating on composition and framing.  We had to hit different elements, such as geometric shapes, lines, reflections and such.  The purpose was to understand how these elements can influence the outcome of the image, make it impactful and memorable…

Here’s my take on Geometric Shapes




MovementRhythm and patterns…

Pattern ReflectionsReflection

Symmetry and asymmetrySymmetry



Triangle2We were also asked to take 10 consecutive shots of a subject, in manual mode of course, without deleting any… It’s meant to push us towards an instinctual understanding of the proper settings on the camera.  It is also meant to replicate what it was like to be a photographer before the digital era.  Here are my ten images, in a row… I took the easy rode and chose a three year old completely captivated by Caillou on the iPad… SPAO Week 4 1 SPAO Week 4 2 SPAO Week 4 3 SPAO Week 4 4 SPAO Week 4 5 SPAO Week 4 6 SPAO Week 4 7 SPAO Week 4 8 SPAO Week 4 9 SPAO Week 4 10


And finally, this was not part of the homework but I just loved this image of Gaëlle’s long lashes and had to post it…

SPAO Week 4 my fav

Photography Class Week 3

The theme this week was colour.  I had to go out there and find colour! But it proved to be more complicated than I might have imagined at first.  As I walked around downtown Ottawa with my camera during lunch hours, it came apparent that I am surrounded by grey… and brown… and dirty beige.   I had to squint to see pops of colour.     Here are a few that I found in the core of the city, as well as others taken at home in preparaton for Maïan’s 13th birthday party….

Thanks for reading!


SPAO Week 3 - 1 SPAO Week 3 - 2 SPAO Week 3 - 3 SPAO Week 3 - 4 SPAO Week 3 - 5 SPAO Week 3 - 6 SPAO Week 3 - 7 SPAO Week 3 - 8 SPAO Week 3 - 9 SPAO Week 3 - 10SPAO Week 2 - 1 SPAO Week 2 - 2 SPAO Week 2 - 3 SPAO Week 2 - 4 SPAO Week 2 - 5

Cosi Swimsuit

Busy week so I thought I would just quickly share a swimsuit I made recently for little Gaëlle.  I was blown away by how easy this was to make.  Who knew sewing with spandex was so easy and forgiving?!  And I have to point out that I had never attempted to sew with double needles before.  Am now a convert!

Pattern is the Cosi Swimsuit pattern by Sewpony Vintage.  Heart fabric is from some mysterious little shop in New York that I unfortunately can’t remember the name.  Yellow fabric is from my local Fabricland.

Et que l’été commence!



Cosi1 Cosi2

Photography Class Week 2

Homework for week two at the SPAO consisted of taking close up images of a larger object.  I decided to choose the busy street corner where I work in downtown Ottawa.  It seemed fitting as it’s a part of the urban decor that I see on a daily basis, yet rarely “see” on a daily basis…  It’s only once we were reviewing all student’s homework in class that I realized that I may have cheated somewhat… everyone else had chosen one particular object, and then taken closeups from various angles (like a food item or a pet).  Picking a street corner meant that I had way more options to shoot what caught my eye, instead of examining one single object from different perspectives.

Regardless of my “cheating”, I’m not all that thrilled with my result.  I think I am definitely happier taking pictures of people.  Inanimate objects just don’t seem to ignite my passion as much.  But at least they stay still without bribing!!!  What do you love to photograph?

Here are my ten best pictures from Week 2, straight out of camera, zero editing (except resizing).   What do you think… anything here interesting?  Would love to hear some thoughts on composition…

SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog0001 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog2 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog3 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog4 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog5 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog6 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog7 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog8 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog9 SPAO Week 2 May 2015 Blog10

Photography Class Week 1

After spending the better part of the last year struggling with manual mode, I’ve decided to sign up for an in person 10 week Digital Foundations class at the School of Photographic Arts Ottawa.  I am determined to improve my composition, understand lighting, and nail my focus.  Week one’s homework was to take pictures of any subject of our choice, using AV mode.  I chose to photograph the two youngest residents in this household….  I thought it might be fun to put up my weekly homework here, in order to see a progression (I hope!) in my photography skills.  Here are the 15 images that i turned in as homework (all straight out of camera, absolutely no editing).


DF Week 1 1 DF Week 1 2 DF Week 1 3 DF Week 1 4 DF Week 1 6 DF Week 1 7 DF Week 1 8 DF Week 1 9 DF Week 1 10 DF Week 1 11 DF Week 1 12 DF Week 1 13 DF Week 1 14 DF Week 1 15 DF Week 1 16