Berlin Winter Coat – pattern by Straightgrain


Alix (1 of 1)-6

This is the Berlin Winter Coat from StraightGrain.  It had been a while since I had undertaken a more complex sewing project… and I loved every second of it.  The finished product is impeccable, and something to be very proud of.  It’s described as a warm winter coat but in Ottawa, it makes a perfect spring jacket, ideal for a temperatures between 0 and 15 I would say.  Alix has been wearing it everyday this spring, as Canada is still quite chilly.

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A quilt for Alix : A Meet the Gang strip quilt

I’ll come clean.  I can be a bit of a perfectionist at times.  But not always.  I am realist enough to know that perfection is not always achievable.  But mediocrity is just plain not acceptable.  So when I looked back at a few of my first posts, I shuddered but I saw the pictures of the first quilt I ever made.  Beurk.  Those were bad pictures.  I knew I could do better.

I grabbed my camera.

And voilà, for my own piece of mind, I offer here a few more pictures of Alix’s quilt.  A tad better, no?

A quilt for Alix: Meet the Gang strip quilt for kids
A quilt for Alix: Meet the Gang strip quilt for kids


A quilt for Alix: Meet the Gang strip quilt for kids

The main fabric with those sweet and quirky characters is Meet the Gang by the incredibly talented Marisa at Creative Thursday (her blog is soooo beautiful! And I am just noticing that she has started quilting as well!)

Love love love the fabric and so does Alix who sleeps with this quilt every night!  And now that it’s been washed a zillion of times (adventures in potty training!), it is so soft and comfy.

A quilt for Alix: Meet the Gang strip quilt for kids
A quilt for Alix: Meet the Gang strip quilt for kids

And here’s the obligatory full frontal (Bahahaha…. FULL FRONTAL… giggle giggle!!!):

A quilt for Alix: Meet the Gang strip quilt for kids

And the back:

A quilt for Alix: Meet the Gang strip quilt for kids

As this was my first quilt ever, I had no clue how to piece in a little patchwork strip.  So I ended up just top stitching the strip to the back piece.  You know what, I kind of like that!  It’s fraying and rolling a bit, and I love it!

And here’s a picture of the quilt in Alix’s bedroom.  I am showing the bedroom as I am planning a little makeover in the next week or so.  (Don’t you think  her doll needs a matching quilt?)

Stay tuned for that!

A quilt for Alix: Meet the Gang strip quilt for kids

Have a great week!

Thank you Susan from Oh My! Creative an Kelly from Smart School House for featuring Alix’s quilt!

Alix’s quilt has been featured on The Life of Jennifer Dawn. Thank you so much!!!

Rachel from Adventures of a DIY Mom has featured Alix’s quilt! Very cool! 🙂

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Adorned From Above

Etsy Love: Vintage Dresses for Little Girls

I have been eying these sweet vintage style dresses lately… it might have something to do with the fact that I have three little girls at home who look so adorable in dresses…

1. Yellow Floral Dress with Vintage Detail from Swallow’s Return

2. Peaseblossom Bustle Skirt from The Measure

3.  Girls Dresses from Fairy Free Designs

4. Flower Girl Dress in Organic Ivory Cotton from Pure Pixie

Just beautiful, no?

Bonne fin de semaine,

My first quilt

Something happened since our move to Orleans… Something deep inside of me was saying that painting was not enough… Crafting was not enough… Even sewing was not enough! And that’s when it hit me: I HAD to make a quilt!!! Never really thought twice about quilts, but here it was, the burning desire to create one! Many many trips to Quilty Pleasures on St.Joseph Blvd. ensued, and here is the result.

This first quilt was for Alix, as she actually needed a comforter or blanket of some sort on her bed.  Plus my toddler LOVES to remove any art from the walls, thereby forcing me to leave all the walls bare.  Needless to say, my need for colour being what it is, Alix needed a big dose of joy in her room.  I think this quilt does it!

And here is it all laid out on Alix’s bed.  The primary fabric is called Meet the Gang by Marisa at Creative Thursday.  I first saw those whimsical little characters on Etsy and knew immediately that I had to make something for Alix with that fabric.  Initially, I was thinking it might be a pillow case but then the project turned big!  Not bad for a first quilt I think!